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Perfect Circle 🫠


To try to be kind,

Is to attach to mind,

Just let it flow,

The Remaining Aware Glow. 

No one is going anywhere,

The eyes stare,

Deeply in love, 

With nothing to shove. 

Cause & effect, 


But not wrecked, 

You just stay, 

Before the rising of a may. 

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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Yes. Concepts. All examples. 


Theirin lies the seeming "rub". Not two is the condition of all apparent condition(s), and yet ... even the realization that none of these things are actually possible, seeming conditions exists everywhere. So there must be consent to conditional (conceptual) existence, or, perhaps, the apparent birth is the prima facie consent, and thus these things can be engaged with kind of humorous detachment (In the world but not of it). 

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On 10/1/2022 at 10:36 AM, Phil said:

The truth is you are never going to be happy because it simply, fundamentally & literally is not possible. You’re never going to be aware. You’re never going to be conscious. You’re never going to be awake. You will never actually be kind, selfless, loving, whole or good because it’s impossible. 

Look at all the milage you're getting from my participation here, I'm like, your muse or something 

-Hare satan

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11 hours ago, Phil said:

@Lester Retsel

You’re never going to get attention. 

Well, obviously I just did.  I can't imagine what possessed you to write this purely contradictory statement after this thread had been pretty much done with, prompting me to return here.  You're a strange boy Phil.  You must have just missed me...proving me right, I AM your muse.  You dirty painter;)

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44 minutes ago, Phil said:

@Lester Retsel

There isn’t that you, or that Phil, that separate self / selves. Carry on believing as you might nonetheless. Maybe read the thread again. 

Ok....weird that you felt the need to say that out of blue is all I'm saying.  Nice subtle gaslighting too.  BTW, I'm not objecting to that, but, exactly how do you prefer people to communicate without violating those terms and also not sounding like autistic robots?

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@DMT Elf he is seriously unraveling, I recently watched one of his old videos where he explained his first shroom trip back in 2016/2017 (one of those years), i miss the days when he just had a plain black t shirt, he seemed way more stable during those days. 

The Source does not have a Source ♾️

The Self does not experience being a Self ♾️

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2 minutes ago, DMT Elf said:

@Orb Maybe he is. I honestly can’t tell what’s going on with him.

I think his ego just needs for him to be "the best" at something, and since he can't hope to be the best at anything real, he's going with something outrageous and unverifiable.

Either than or he's started just fucking with those who still follow him, the only possibilities I can think of 

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