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Actuality of Being Vision
Supporting & serving a community of conscious creators.


Forum Orientation
Nonduality, self-recognition, well-being & alignment, sharing of best practices & insights, creating the life you dream of and spreading the Message therein.


By participating on this forum you agree to be mindful of & exemplify to the best of your abilities the following principles:

Lao-tzu, 6th century BC:

Reverence for life.
Speak with honor & respect, and never harmful words or intentions, for yourself, all others, and all things. Understand that when you judge, you feel the discordant projection.

Communicate with honesty & integrity, from the brightest and best of you. Be where you are, walk your talk. There is no expectation here that you should know anything you don’t, or be anyone, anything, or any way you aren’t. 

Communicate with kindness, mindfulness, empathy, and compassion. If you can not; utilize the suggestions & tools, specifically in regard to emotional expression, alignment / healing therein, until you can.

Help, contribute, offer encouragement. Allow yourself to receive supportiveness: make use of the practices, tools, and insights you receive and exemplify them to the very best of your ability in your life. Care for and respect yourself & others.


The Four Noble Truths as outlined in 624 B.C. by The Buddha:
The truth of suffering.
The truth of the origin of suffering.
The truth of the end of suffering.
The truth of the path that frees us from suffering.


As taught by Jesus:
Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.
Forgive others. Accept & allow forgiveness for yourself.
Lean not on your understanding, but on Truth-God-Love.
Proper use of thought and speech is not to condemn, embarrass, isolate, exclude or shame; but to help the suffering to heal, the blind to see, and the oppressed to liberate.


If you do not yet recognize the distinctions between open-mindedly inspecting, exploring, self-realizing & exemplifying, as compared to believing, adopting, and adhering to dogma & conjecture, please utilize this site in sincerity to liberate yourself. 



Member Account Information
What you share on the forum is permanent and public. An alias as a member name is recommended. Member names are permanent. There is a limited ‘hide’ feature you may use, however, administrators & moderators will not hide or delete your posts, nor delete your account.   
Your account has a file / data upload limit with respect to images. 


How Warning Points Work:
Minor violation of user guidelines: 1 - 5 points.
Major violations such as trolling, spamming or multiple accounts: 20 points.
Warning points accumulate & do not expire.
At 20 points your account is closed / banned.
If you see a violation to the guidelines, please report it by clicking ‘report’.


Points & Restrictions.
1 & 2 points = no restrictions. 
3 points = 1 hour restriction
5 points = 1 day restriction
10 points = 2 days restriction
15 points = 3 days restriction
20 points = Account is closed.


Private messages can be read by administrators. 


Posting Suggestions
Be kind. Be open minded. Take pause & be yourself. Reread the principles as needed. 
Use the search feature before making a new thread, to see if it has already been made.


Moderation applies to specific comments. If you feel a comment and or private message is outside of the guidelines, click ‘report’ and do not reply to that comment



What Is Not Allowed On This Forum

Separatism, consciousnessism, defamation, rhetoric, racism, sexism, homophobia, pedophilia, discrimination based on identity, gender and or sexual preference, demeaning or belittling, excessive profanity, name calling, ‘ganging up on’ members, political or religious activism and or recruiting, or spreading rumors or gossip pointlessly.

Posting in any language but English is currently prohibited. Please use proper capitols, punctuation, etc. Posting while drunk, high, tripping or experiencing psychosis (seek immediate help instead of being on this forum) is prohibited.
Trolling. Spamming. Hate speech. Verbal abuse. Pornography and or gore.
Pointless reactionary debating.
Sharing torrents or copyrighted materials.
Religion debating in the ‘right one’ ‘wrong one’ sense.
Making threads for tech support. (Email tech support and or Phil directly please)
Misuse of messaging, such as self promotion, or marketing & advertising.
Having multiple accounts.
Harvesting user information.
Causing malice to the forum, such as with hacking, malware or virus.

Derailing threads. Please make a new thread with a new topic instead. 
Members recruiting members for chat-groups outside the forum.
Thread hijacking and or excessive thread bumping.
Offensive images or usernames, and or using names or known previously used online names of Admin, mods, or members.
Impersonating the owner, moderators, or other members in any way.
Posting any personal information, and or doxxing.
Profanity aimed at the owner, moderators, or any member. (Profanity aimed at anyone is unwelcomed, member or otherwise)
Threats of violence or malice against anyone, member or otherwise.

Posting comments that didn’t come from or originate with you, without crediting the source of the comments. 
Discussion of psychedelic experiences, best practices, insights and information in regard to safe & responsible usage is allowed. However, discussion in regard to obtaining or ways of obtaining psychedelics is strictly prohibited. 



Terms of Use, Guidelines, Rules & Acknowledgment of Guidelines & Agreement To Hold Harmless
If you are experiencing suicidal ideation and or thoughts about harming yourself or anyone else in any way, immediately discontinue use of this site and contact a suicide prevention specialist via googling ‘international suicide prevention hotline’, and speak with your doctor and a therapist. 


*Immediately does not mean after you type, converse or express wether in a journal or otherwise, about ideation. Immediately means prior to these activities. Immediately means immediately as in right nowDo not wait, do not think it over, do not schedule time - immediately stop using this forum and contact a hotline


This is a self-help forum and not a supplement or cure for any psychological or medical care plans or needs. By using this forum you are agreeing to take 100% responsibility for what advice you follow, to utilize all resources available to you, and agree to waive any and all legal recourse. 

There is never an occasion in which is it appropriate or justifiable to verbally, emotionally or physically harm yourself or anyone else, nor to threaten another with suicide. These are non-negotiable terms of use, and therein can and will result in being permanently banned from this forum. 


Any comments about dying or death are not in relation or regard to physical death or to taking your or anyone else’s life, but are spiritual references to ‘ego death’, or, spiritual awakening. Never physically harm yourself or another; willingly seek out the help you need in any such cases.


At any given time & for any length of time there is not necessarily the online presence of moderation.


With Respect to the Expression Journals Section:

Expression of all emotions is encouraged.

Threatening anyone is not permitted.

Commenting on a journal, when the journalist has specificity stated that comments are not welcomed, is not permissible and will result in a warning and or being banned.  

This forum is providing freely to you, an online space for open discussion to encourage inspection, self-discovery, expression & sharing, with respect to self-recognitition and the Message of Truth-Love-God-Self; and therein… inherently of peace, nonviolence, and nondiscrimination. Phil is not a teacher, guru, counselor, authority, leader, advisor, expert or mentor. 


With Respect to Suicidal Ideation, Both In Journals & Otherwise

This forum is life affirming. 


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