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  1. It's good to be triggered if you can use it to self reflect. Anything that triggers usually indicates an issue or insecurity that will fester more and more if not examined and addressed in some way. Because the "other" is usually*, and definitely in this case, a pure invention/reflection, or projection, etc. *always?
  2. You kind of just illustrated the point for me. "Scavenge" is a very particular word to use, really interesting and revealing.
  3. I did a strip tease to this song when I worked at a gay bar in Portland Maine.
  4. Your triggeredness by @Blessed2s use of it as a metaphor was also a perversion of what was said, and also out of line, using it as a scapegoat to avoid considering or addressing the legitimate point that was made.
  5. No, especially since said forum(the cult) is fond of saying things like "God loves child rape" and "pedophilia is love"
  6. For all the claims of personal transcendence and oneness there sure is a lot of being triggered, attempts at self assertion and emotional manipulation, as well as demanding the forum be your personal safe space.
  7. Woke up for truly hellish hour and a half of extreme physical discomfort and existential terror in the middle of the night. Note to self...don't do that?
  8. If what's already the case could change everything just by being revealed, why does it need to be revealed?
  9. Cock puppet!! 20240222_213919_001.mp4
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