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Mood Raisers


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Thought it would be fun to make a list of things that improve your mood, self care, vibration raisers, other than meditation and journaling. Please add to it if you have ideas. 


Write down how you want to feel, and anything that occurs next to the word and do it. 

Play with a puppy

Get a massage

Go swimming

Buy a package of self stick googly eyes and put them all over everything in your friend's house when they aren't home. If they are spiritual tell them it enhances awareness. 

Plan a local trip, pretend you're a tourist but don't go very far.

Call a friend.

Message an old friend you haven't talked to in a long time. 

Abandon art https://www.facebook.com/groups/ArtAbandonment/

Listen to a song you loved years ago but forgot. 

Listen to music.

Read a comic or blog you loved years ago but forgot about


Run, hike, walk, yoga

Look at art

Drink some tea. 

Buy or pick flowers

Clean off one cluttered surface in your house. 




 Youtube Channel  

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Sit in the sun.

Dance in the rain.

A warm bath.

Rag doll around the house using only your core to move.

Allow gravity to aline all your joints.

Massage your own body.

Watch, & listen to nature, plants, people, birds.

Hug a tree.

Find a big hill to look off into the distance from.

Express emotions to yourself so you can cry & express anger safely.

Express emotions together with someone you trust.

Listen to a type of music that matches how you feel.

Make up tunes on an instrument.

Drawl random strokes on a page until you see something in it then turn the drawling into that thing.

Play with a pet.

Plan something to do alone. 

Plan something with a family member or friend. 
Plan a new type of meal. 
Express to everyone your appreciation of them.

Express everything you appreciate about you
Sit in the sun again.

Let the Sun know your appreciation.



Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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5 minutes ago, Joseph Maynor said:


You need to integrate the I my friend.   That's your challenge from me for what its worth.  I don't think you listen though.  Pass if you want, it's your choice.  

You need to stop telling people what they need to integrate.  It's really arrogant.  Youre not her psychiatrist.  

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Appreciation for literally anything. 





You forum people. 


Music. Especially with the volume at 11. 

Playing guitar & singing, writing songs for God. 

Breaking my own heart.


Breathing into deep stretches / yoga. 


Jim Newman. 

Being serious on purpose. 

Being outside.

Sitting by the water. 


Listening to anyone / not saying anything.

Contemplating my own death. 

Helping someone with something. 

Reflecting on what I’ve made it through. 

Planning or looking forward to anything. 

Anchorman or Step Brothers. 

Holding a (reiki) crystal. 

Lavender essential oil. 

Edit: Comprehending & respecting the theme of a thread. 

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One overlooked mood raiser is lots of good food.  I remember when I was drinking a high quality smoothie in the mornings and my body would just be singing its praises to me.   Lots of antioxidants.  I have a Vitamix so I'm getting the fiber too.  Juicing strips all that healthy fiber out.  Kale is more palatable to drink than to eat for me because I can add yogurt or almond milk or something to mask that bitter flavor.  Two others I would say are a daily meditation ritual and getting a little physical exercise every day.  These work for me.  Getting offline for part of the day!  This last one works wonders too for all of us Internet folk.  The trolling online takes a toll on your mood.  Just sitting in front of a screen all day takes a toll.  Getting out to nature a little bit everyday elevates my mood.  When I say nature I mean something like a forest if possible.  Some place where animals and trees outnumber humans by a long shot.  Wilderness.  Mother Nature.  Another one would be going out and doing something with a friend where you're around a lot of people.  Something that rejuvenates you socially.  A trip for example a place where there's a lot of people having fun.  We like to resonate with a herd of humans too as social animals.  My best friend and I went out tonight and I got my little social fix and I feel great.  I cannot be online it has to be in person.  Going to a shopping mall can do this for me sometimes.  Another often overlooked one is having some true alone time where you're not doing anything (not even meditation) except just enjoying yourself being by yourself.

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