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  1. All the "trouble" is really just self-referential thought-stories. Every day, again and again, inquire and try to actually find the self, the 'I' who must become better, more conscious, etc. Like, actually go looking for it. Check perception and sensation in direct experience and find the self these thoughts are about. "Is the 'I' in the room with us?" 😁 The spiritual path usually starts very simply because there's an experience of suffering, which is the discord of self-referential belief/pre-assumption. Beliefs and pre-assumptions are so tricky precisely because they are... Beliefs and pre-assumptions. Because the self-story is a pre-assumption, it is not noticed to be an assumption, but is taken to be true. Simply how things are. Then spirituality comes about, but the pre-assumption 'overrides' the spiritual message. Spirituality basically just becomes just another part of the I-story. Like for example, one innocently buys the story that spirituality is about 'becoming better', or 'improving myself'. 'Becoming enlightened'. It's a totally innocent mis-take. One could not 'see it coming'. But spirituality is actually questioning and letting go the I. Not becoming better.
  2. 23.7.24 (Yesterday) 2 x 15 minutes 2 x emotional scale Inspection Breakfast was oatmeal with blueberries straight from the outside Visited the pessimism house. I knew I wouldn't find any fun pessimism merch and I was right! Got a bit drunk and smoked some weed. Experienced some fear. Thoughts about being too high, not being safe.
  3. One could have everything but through crap goggles one would have nothing. One could have nothing but through alignment one would have everything.
  4. What does "accepting things as is" 'look like' in direct experience? How does one first not accept something and then accept it? What is "accepting things as is" most simply, direct-experiencinly put?
  5. Possibly. Or maybe it's just totally coincidental.
  6. 22.7.24 2 x 15 minutes 2 x emotional scale Inspection Breakfast In the pessimism town (literally a town known as the town of pessimism) with friends, experiencing pessimism. Maybe tomorrow we'll go for a coffee in a pessimism house (literally a house called "pessimism house"). Might as well buy some pessimism merch. Maybe a t-shirt or something. Maybe I'll post a photo, or maybe it's pointless and pretty sure it won't be that fun either.
  7. Alright. Went through a darker valley but it's starting to get better now. Let's continue the daily logging. Don't want to call it a "challenge". Let's not call it anything. 15 minutes twice a day formal sitting meditation. Through the emotional scale twice a day. Inspecting discordant beliefs at least once a day: 1. Write it down 2. Point out the I's and me's, self-inquire 3. What the thoughts/beliefs feel like, and how do I react when I believe them 4. "Who would I be without that thought?" Diet change. Starting with breakfast. I've been eating 1-2 organic eggs, 1 avocado, 1 tomato, juice, and some carbs. That feels pretty good. Continuing with it. Maybe throw in the GOL powder when I get some. Possibly adding something like 10-20 minutes expressive journaling, but first I'll read a book about it.
  8. That's the old story. A me becoming something like enlightened, more conscious, more knowing, better, developed etc. The new seems to be more about not a me at all and not becoming anything, but perception, experiencing what I want to experience. Basically thought-story narrative about a me-character vs. life. This is life. This room and this house is life. The person next to me is life. Going for a hike or a swim is life. Waking up in the morning and eating a breakfast is life. Knowing, understanding, becoming better is not actually life. It's just self-referential thought story. It's like rocks disrupting the flow of life.
  9. Also, don't think you have outsmarted me. Never think you have outsmarted me. Once a spiritual person convinces himself that he has outsmarted and transcended me, then he will easily justify betraying me. These are all classic traps of this work. I know the traps. Don't think that you know the traps better than me. The biggest mistake you will ever make in your life is thinking you've outsmarted me on the nature of Consciousness. The biggest mistake.
  10. @Someone here ✌️ I once heard a quote that goes something like "listen to people who have what you want." That's kind of smart IMO.
  11. What's the emotion you are attempting to not feel by using the forum? Change your password to some complex and random set of numbers you can't remember. This way you can't log in until you reset the password via email. Gives you time to consider before logging in. You can also add a child lock to the website so the browser on your phone or computer won't allow you to visit the site. Use this forum instead.
  12. 😂😂😂 Take a moment to reflect where this idea that there are awake an non-awake people, and that awake people have epistemological authority over non-awake people, is coming from and where it's being supported and strenghtened. There used to be hatred but not really anymore. It's not hatred. I'm talking about this exactly because of the type of comment you made, "are you even awake buddy?". Just take time off. I don't think this is exaggerating. "Do not think you've outsmarted me." That is a fucking insane thing to say and could not be a clearer example of brainwashing. My jaw literally dropped when I just saw that line for the first time after all this time. If you're talking about how the website looks and works, it's because they're both created using the same platform (Invision). Probably.
  13. Yeah, and all the attacking toward MAGA, Trump supporters and conspiracy theorists. It's all projection. "Do not think you've outsmarted me." Fucking insane.
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