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  1. In terms of Enlightenment talk, this is actually kind of funny, but also good too. https://wildsimplejoy.com/what-is-spiritual-enlightenment/
  2. Abre Los Ojos (This is the movie Vanilla Sky tried to recreate, but you gotta watch this version with English subtitles)
  3. That spooky I thought. I guess we better burn it at the stake!
  4. Understood. But what is this @Phil character saying what's what to other separate selves? Let's dig a little deeper. Give us a good answer here. I know what you're gonna say but still. Don't hold back. Have fun. Create.
  5. Oh my God, I've died and gone to Heaven. What a fantastic remaster. This album needed a remaster so badly. One of my favorite albums. I can hear sounds in this version of the album I never heard before.
  6. Relative means the human (the world of ego and the finite self). Absolute means the Divine (the Infinite Self). You can get to the point on the path where you're not putting relative truth in the shadow. but you also realize it's not true. Then you can embody the absolute while also playing around with the relative. There's nothing that needs to be burned at the stake in this experience. I understand what @Phil is teaching, but it's absolute only. He doesn't acknowledge the relative as existing or worthy of discussion. I've been at that place years ago now, but I kept that and then subsequently relaxed my attitude relating to taking the relative out of the shadow. You can actually hold the relative and the absolute at the same time, there's no bright-line conflict there. They are different too, everyone knows that. I know I'm so stupid right? Lol.
  7. There's 2 answers that can be given, a relative one and an absolute one. The relative answer is not true, but it can be illuminating and useful.
  8. I will. Thanks for politely asking me.
  9. They created a bit of a laugh at your expense which actually strengthened their bond. It sucks that people do this, but it helps to understand systemically why it happens. Think about this one, a group can only exist once a scapegoat is fashioned. The group then emerges and survives to spite the scapegoat. This gets deep into relationship dynamics. So they were trying to bond, but they chose them at your expense, and kind of used attacking you as the catalyst to do it. They weren't trying to include you in the group of bonding nodes (in this case dudes).
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