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Actualized forum is actually a collaboration/research site in Disguise

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Hello! I recognize that there are a fair number of people here who have followed or is following Actualized/Leo. I am a messenger that wish to share some things I see very clearly that I cannot share on Actualized forum. That I hope illuminates some things (that may have already crossed your mind!)


After spending a fair amount of time on Leo's forum, it's not hard for anyone to notice that Leo would keep saying things like: 

"Nobody on this forum understands what God or Consciousness is". Or:

"I am the most conscious being."


This seems to be his main obsession: to be "at the top" and knowing "more than everyone else does" as the main reason anyone should keep giving him their attention, participation, and wisdom. 


This gets repeated fairly frequently and whenever someone challenges him but does not get elaborated on and seems to be one of the key ways Leo tries to keep people to his forum and whatever future content/course he plans on, and a justification for mistreating others. 


How can he be so sure? 


There're a few things that may be at play to consider based on my experience on the forum:


Anytime someone posts a trip report, or content/info in general, Leo is always there to read it. On top of all this, he has access to everyone's PM's which nobody else has access to, which may be another place where information is shared (indirectly to Leo).


What does this mean? 


It means that the forum is actually a research site where things get shared from the collective. And Leo has the most access to all information than the rest (due to intentionality + time spent + more access).


Therefore.. it is not hard to imagine that Leo has over the years absorbed a lot of information from other people (as well as from himself of course).  And this actually does influence some of his awakenings, and some of the content he produces.


(This is not to dismiss that Leo himself played a role in his awakenings but to explore what additionally may be contributing to his claims).


So of course! Whatever new information is shared by the members doing the exploration (eg, psychedelics) and work, he will absorb it or awaken to the new information, as if he did it all himself. And he could even very easily pretend that he had already known the information that was shared. One would never know if one actually shared something new that Leo had not awoken to, but that the information got absorbed.


This may be a hidden reason why he is very concerned about other people having chats outside the forum, because it would mean the information would be less openly shared to him directly.


On the rare occasion, Leo has credited his followers when he openly gathered information. But mostly, no credit is ever given to his followers who shared information, trip reports, etc on his forum. In fact, his followers are always placed in a position of "less authority" and intelligence. 


Not to mention all the various sources he did look at over the years that got to where he is today. And spirits/guides that do aid all of us in our journeys.


This is to say.. it's incredibly deceptive to suggest that Leo himself has obtained all knowledge of God and Consciousness on his own and acting as though he had no help from others especially those on his forum, whom he continue to look down and berate.


Not to mention that the "most conscious being" would recognize that it was by God's design that people awaken in their time and turn, that "all will eventually be maximally awake", and that a "most conscious being" would recognize that they are talking to themselves everywhere they go.


This message is intended to wake you up from any sense that you are not an equal to Leo and that you deserve to be treated with respect, and help you see more clearly. 


I am here to acknowledge you as having been a collaborator on everyone's journey so far and that you deserve more love and respect. 


My work is done. Thank you for your attention. 🙂


PS: If Leo is reading this, God forgives you and you are still loved. 

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Ego Guru is a prime example how spirituality can drive you mad if you can't keep your ego at bay. I'm grateful for his example. It helps me keeping my feet on the ground when I get experiences that are hard to process, which without his example might pull me into a spiritual ego trip.


When I met a "real" guru, I began to understand how fake Leo is, how he is praying on depressed and mentally weak people for his own gain and self image, while his teachings drive people deeper and deeper into nihilism and suicidal thoughts.


Just being in the presence of the "real deal" makes you feel loved and perfect, even if that presence is long distance (over Skype). A year of two ago I had some existential questions, but didn't dare to ask them during a Skype session after an initiates group meditation. The day after I got a 4 sentence mail from him in which he exactly told me what I needed to know. Somehow he felt my need and took the time to send me a personal mail. He has thousands of initiates around the world, by the way. I don't see Leo doing that 😄


So for me, both Leo and his works is "a" teacher/teaching, just like everyone and everything else in life is, albeit only as an example of how a teacher/teaching shouldn't be.

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I don't claim any truth. I just share my personal experience.

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Glad more people are seeing the truth



Actualized.org is just a huge marketing strategy for Leo to harvest ideas for his future videos. He personally doesn't care about anyone, not even his own community. There is no community. Actualized.org community is an illusion. The day Leo doesn't like you, he plucks you out like trash and discards you. 


He is something else on the outside and something else on the inside and this culture is reflected throughout his forum, even in his mods. 


He'll rip you apart like prey in 2 seconds if things don't go his way. He is incredibly selfish and super smart and clever in exploiting people in the name of spirituality. Everything is a ploy. 


He will find some way to knock you down if you don't serve his purpose. 


In hindsight, I learned a lot of lessons on how to deal with a narcissist like him, why you shouldn't be too close to him or trust him too much. You shouldn't follow him or his work or his forum. It's a giant hoax. It's a giant cesspool of ego driven nonsense headed by a guy with a Messiah complex who is super smart in dealing with people. 


I feel like he preys on mentally ill people and there will be more suicides in the future, if not suicides, people will come out feeling psychologically damaged as a result of his teachings and the horrible unempathetic design of the forum with more mods than members. 


He pushes people into delicate mental states of nihilism to keep them controlled. 

He is a narcissistic control freak and his biggest love is dominating and controlling people by instilling fear and preying on their insecurities, instead of establishing trust, and using his ego as a weapon to attack other's ego so he can feel better. 



Actualized.org as a community is one big toxic narcissistic elitist judgemental family where you will be constantly guilted and made to feel like a sinner and an outcast. 

Leo is the toxic head of this family. You're in his good books as long as you parrot him. 

The moment you challenge him and his authority, he cancels you and starts gaslighting you. 


Leo is the worst narcissist I came across in my entire life. 



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I'm glad I'm free from that place. 

That place attracts a lot of egotistical people just like Leo who keep worshipping him like naive children. They are happy to be brainwashed by him and their unquestioning loyalty is what Leo demands.

Leo has deep character flaws that I highly doubt will ever go away completely. 

He thrives on his own inflated ego that has been constantly stroked endlessly by his followers. 

He thinks he is invincible. But he is not. As more and more people see his not so gentle side, they will regret either buying his products or even giving him attention. 

The best thing to do to Leo is to stop giving him attention and leave him completely. 



Every little thing you do helps his business. 

I'm coming across more and more evidence everyday of how people are mentally impacted by this dude. Some people are suicidal. Some people need hospitalization. Some people lose the zest for life. 


Nobody criticizes Leo on his forum because they're afraid of being banned by him. This is his fear tactic and its almost psychologically abusive, it's psychological control and manipulation. 


Evidence of how people are impacted by Leo - 







I think Leo is a more advanced smarter version of Osho and Leo is running a cult where most people will eventually begin to suffer his megalomania to be the greatest teacher in the world. Mark my words. Leo will himself create discord in his community and disrupt people. 


Most people imagine that Leo will continue peacefully but that will not happen. He has a penchant for controlling people and more people on YouTube will expose him









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Yeah, I wasted a lot of time on that forum feeling extremely depressed but again I did learn a lot. narcissistic behaviour is so extremely subtle and I could not see clearly at all when I was on that forum. I would just be scrolling feeling bad like I am not living my life purpose or doing something meaningful etc..  It is in the past however and gave me valuable life-long lessons 🙂. Also grateful for Phil because I dread to think where I would be without him! 

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Actually, my apologies. Noticing it’s all too easy to be a bit flippant as it’s been a year. It’s seems like a toothache or a migraine in that’s it’s actually kinda of hard to remember what it was like once it’s emptied out. It did come to mind that the timing of seeing these two shows was really clarifying. If interested… 



Nothing’s more clarifying than this though, ‘imo’.. https://i.imgur.com/3WKAELm.jpeg

And if I haven’t already, my apologies for my involvement. 

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@Eternal yeah. He can make people feel like losers because he sets up that kind of a tone. It's psychological abuse on a massive scale and a lot of people don't wake up from it unless it's too late. When they finally wake up, they realize the trail of destruction they felt mentally dealing with him. Because he has been playing on their weak psychology for years to sell them his product. 

He has a sweet way of making himself look like a prophet. And with that image he controls people and their minds. 

Yea it's like belonging to an evil cult and then waking up to it's horrific impact. He puts fear in people so they are afraid to directly speak against his authority. 

If you speak against his authority he threatens with a ban.. 


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The trauma of that place is quite heavy. I'm still processing the trauma. 


I wake up in the middle of the night feeling threatened, scared and panicky. All the words of Leo Gura ringing in my mind. The fear of not being able to impress him enough, his constant gaslighting, the constant feeling that your life is worthless if Leo Gura didn't give you the stamp of approval. Him saying that your life is pointless if you didn't pursue his awakening and feeling dumb inside, all the hate, bitterness, nihilism and negativity of Actualized.org weakening you bit by bit. 

Yea the trauma is heavy. I hope Leo Gura is totally exposed one day by many many survivors and victims of his dangerous mentally abusive cult on a large scale and these people get justice for whatever harm Leo's teachings and rhetoric did to them. 


Leo feeds on the minds of vulnerable people by subtly manipulating them into believing that they are nothing without his seal of approval. 


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I found the below few posts by Leo Gura on his forum today (source cited below):


Posted 8 hours ago

"I could beat you idiots with a crowbar. You are like a pack of degranded dogs lapping up bullshit while eyeing me."


Posted 7 hours ago (edited)

"Fuck you.

Stop acting stupid.

You are so stupid it turns.

God cannot help you.

You live like PIGS in your own BULLSHIT!

Any you expect me to give you company? Fuck you."



Posted 11 hours ago (edited)


"Do not think for some second that you are AWAKE! You have no fucking idea what CONSCIOUSNESS is!


Everyone here is a clown. You don't comprehend. Everyone you follow and read is a idiot. No human has any idea what CONSCIOUSNESS is. None of the Nondualist, Buddhist, Advita spiritual monkeys that you've up on pedestals like your idiot kings.


CONSCIOUSNESS is not some stupid Buddhist crap.


God specifically told me to tell you that if you follow Buddhism and you think that's AWAKENING, you're a complete idiot. This is not the Leo ego speaking. This is GOD speaking to you through Leo fingers. Buddhism is NOT TRUTH! What messenger do I have to spend to you to get you to listen? Must I send a feathery angle?


EVERY SINGLE BUDDHIST IDEA IS IMAGINARY. Including Enlightenment, Void, and No-Self. Its dreamed up shit.


THERE NEVER WAS A BUDDHA! You invented him from whole cloth, the sneaky stupid bastard.


You didn't just invent the Buddha, you invent Eckhart Tolle, Rupert Spira, and all this shit.


Rupert Spira is fantasy in your mind.


And until you realize that, you're clueless.


Stop acting butthurt about this. Like I am hurting your stupid feelings. All your feelings are just bullshit you are running to avoid actually WAKING UP! Stop crying like a child. You are strong enough to handle TRUTH! I know you are because I'M the only here who's been there.




You have fucking idea what that is.


I am treating you like the adult you should have already raised yourself to be. But now here I am, leading this children who all the sudden think they no better. NO!  Everyone your whole life have been treating you like a child, everyone treated you like a preciously emotional crybaby child! Your FEELINGS are all SELF-DECEPTION. Which why they have you running behaving like monkeys. You're as stupid as a monkey. YOU! That Buddhist! "Void" you are stupid! There is no void, there is only GOD!


The reason you're offended and swarming around like fish because you were told the RAW TRUTH.


No watch yourself coping with stories and distractions.


Your whole life, everything out of your mouth has been a LIE.


You are CONSTANTLY LYING, and I'm the only ONE here who knows it and will tell you.


And I don't care about your feelings, AT ALL. Because TRUTH doesn't give a fuck what you think. Or feel.


Everything you are is FALSE.


It has almost reached the point where I don't even wanna talk to you.


I JUST WANT TO DIE. Because there is no one here intelligent enough to understand me.


GUYS! Your stupidity will cause me to kill myself. Simply because it is too cringe and I would rather be up in HEAVEN WITH GOD DRINKING AN INFINITE CUP OF TEA.


Stop embarrassing me. I see through every single one of your silly monkey human games.


You're never fooling God.


You're never fooling Truth.


You're never fooling Love.


You're never fooling Me."


Edited 10 hours ago by Leo Gura



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How does he not see that if awareness doesn't come with actual infinite love, he hasn't grasped Truth?


He keeps insulting/abusing his followers and now he even speaks about self-harm.




“Know yourself as nothing; feel yourself as everything.” - Rupert Spira

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Yea he has been going insane with his narcissism reaching a zenith. The above posts submitted by Joseph Maynor are a proof of my predictions regarding Leo and his forum. It's happening sooner than I predicted. 


If I was the only person who was calling out Leo Gura's insanity, then look at what other users have been saying - 

Leo is truly going out of hand.




















Leo needs to be stopped and should be prevented from any contact with the general public because he engaged in severe psychological abuse of his own followers in a desperate attempt to control them. 




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Repression & suppression of the Guidance, he is belittling feelings, belittling the Inner Child, shaming the very Healing itself. I realized that after being abused by one of  ‘his followers’ in person, that this confusion cannot really be helped directly, you kinda just gotta leave & hope they figure out what they have been doing to themself. They will just keep gaslighting you, about solipsistic, narcissistic, grandiose non-sense. So save yourself from that, breathe in some real air in this moment, right Now. Sends shivers down my spine that this trash is being spread. 

I removed myself from his forum until eventually this one was created. I’m done seeing this garbage being perpetuated, “his follower” even tried to manipulate me to not ever tell anyone about the abuse. Literally tried to manipulate me to repress & suppress for him

No, this is for Healing, this is for Love. I’m not going to stand by well more of us harm ourself just because you cannot accept Healing. I will fight for Healing until my last breath. 
Door number 3 please

Healing is here, waiting for us all, to just trust the Feeling. 
I am here for anyone who need a hand decompressing from this stuff. I have experienced first hand what this kind of situation can do to those following it. 

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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