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  1. Curious to hear your thoughts about autism? What is it? how does it occur? Non duality suggests that we already are one and aren't seperate & people who are autistic generally tend to understand things 'differently' to 'normal' people.. Trouble reading social cues & just different traits in general.. to someone who is not autistic. I don't much about it so interested to hear peoples thoughts on this subject?
  2. Thought i'd start a thread on where people share their best enlightenment analogies. Or even if you've come up with your own. Anyway, feel free to share what you have heard or even come up with. I'll start, a few of my favourite are from Rupert Spira's one on where someone is so immersed within the content of the movie when in fact they forget and overlook there true nature which is actually the screen.. But yeah, feel free to share yours! Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with
  3. Has anyone ever died? or will anyone ever die ? There are thoughts about others that have died and people dying but they are just thoughts.. right?
  4. I am wondering are chakras even real? It seems like a lot of conceptualization.. I am confused regarding chakras and different energies. Since chakras have been around for a long time. They are supposedly centred within the body but it seems like conditioning. What comes to mind regarding chakras?
  5. Beyond the veil of duality, Lies a realm of unity, Where all is one, and one is all, A state of pure divinity. In this realm, there is no right or wrong, No good or bad, no weak or strong, Just a oneness that pervades it all, A symphony of life's sweet song. Non-duality is the truth we seek, The realization of our true mystique, To see the world with open eyes, And break free from our ego's disguise. So let us shed our dualistic views, And embrace the unity that imbues, For in the end, we are all one, A reflection of the same shining sun.
  6. @Phil I'll check those out thanks, a great app to track movies is also called, letterboxd if you're interested.
  7. @Devin Well for me, it was thought loops continually appearing but going unnoticed. What changed things is when I started doing self-esteem stems and gratitude journaling. And of course moving out into my own place.
  8. I wanted to make this thread as I am interested to hear everyones opinions on whether you think we are positively progressing as a human species. Such as being more conscious when it comes to enviromentalism, the health of the planet, jobs etc.. Also a concern is A.I. Who thinks that A.I will eventually end up taking peoples jobs? I personally think that we are going to be going into very different times within the next 5 years as technology is progressing at an incredibly rapid rate. I hope it is for the good rather than bad.
  9. @Mandy Thanks for that. Still finding it somewhat confusing though. Exist, where? and from what perspective? How does this relate to depression? I don't understand what you mean when you say the star is known to exist but cannot be seen from that perspective. The Horizon is the line where the sky meets space, right?
  10. @Mandy Hmm I don't really quite understand it. What does (n.) mean? Also c.? I cannot quite figure the quote out also. I find a lot of these words hard to comprehend as I have never really heard of them before.
  11. Depression basically means you are in "Deep rest", where as having enough of the character that is being played. It's a sign from the universe that the character that is being played, is not who you are.
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