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Welcome Home

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Come on in
You are on time
Everything is alright

The burden you've been carrying
Lay it down

Surely you must be exhausted
Surely you must be cold

Settle in
Let me serve you
Speak of your journey
Speak of your dreams

Here you are heard
Now you are seen
Here you belong

Welcome home
Welcome, love

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Hey Ivan I have a question. I see you like writing songs (I saw you wrote quite a few on the actualized.org forum), and I also would want to start writing more poems/songs (without it relating to you, like I've wanted to do it before I saw you write). But something that surprises me is that your songs don't even rhyme...(at least this one), and yet.. it's quite good. While I struggle to find rhymes you are just flowing. Makes me think if a song is even good with no rhymes (let's say I want to write a song)...

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@fopylo Hey there. Glad to hear that. 

I don't really have a formula or anything... I just write what comes to mind in the moment. It's best if it's coming from the heart. Then it flows very naturally.

I used to aim for everything to rhyme, but I soon discovered that was actually quite limiting. So it's not really a must. If it happens - great. But what really matters is expression.

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