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  1. I am not implying that anyone here is conceptualizing themselves as having tendencies to do unwanted things. Simply pointing out the logical conclusion of conceptualizing oneself or thought to have a "tendency" to do anything. If you think "thought" has tendencies, you are studying "thought" and analyzing it as an external thing. You are and control all of thought, it can only have the tendencies you decide to give it.
  2. What "tendencies" is there to recognize anyway? 🙂 Absolutely
  3. That thought has a "tendency" 😂 I see how this thought could resonate but can also be justification for going down tracks one would rather avoid. As if there are previously laid tracks "hard to avoid", as if there is "previous".
  4. Nothing is conscious. The notion of existence applies to things but consciousness is nothing and so asking whether it exists is turning it into an object, denaturing it. You are trying to create a mental framework in which you study consciousness and its properties. But consciousness is not the object in your framework, consciousness is your current experience, it is no-object, no-thing. If you try to study consciousness as a property animals have, you aren't studying THIS consciousness, you are studying some imaginary concept of consciousness you apply to animals. Whether animals or objects are conscious or whatever that means is irrelevant to your consciousness or actual consciousness. You can only experience consciousness through no-thought.
  5. Just stand under a tree and it will make sense.
  6. I think "He" is the preacher.
  7. "of the spheres" is a concept. I'm not sure what this refers to for you. It's clear to me in absolute presence, in peace there comes no "spheres". It's just this, the way it is. Shapeless, formless yet full of shapes and full of form. It is absolutely nothing yet also absolutely everything. I absolutely do not see what is spherical about it, although perhaps there is something spherical about your current experience right now. Current experience is everything and can also be anything yet it cannot be described as more of a thing than another. It's actually baloney 😂
  8. Yup that sounds about right. I don't see how this would have anything to do with perception, other than being a specific thing that can be perceived among other things. Perception is not a ball, perception is no-definition 🙂
  9. But ball is a concept. The moon is the moon, the moon is not ball.
  10. In the context of perception being a ball I mean. No concept applies to perception. Being a ball, having a shape are concepts. They can be part of perception, but never defines it. Perception is as much of a unicorn as it is a ball.
  11. Not seeing what distinction you are making here. Erm "efficient" is the word. No body shaming here, all shapes are valid and beautiful the way they are. But lets be honest, hexagons are the bestagons.
  12. Well you said it's a ball. But it's as much of a unicorn than a ball.
  13. So ball is perfect but not cube? Seems more like to me that any shape when giving an "infinite size" is identical to being shapeless and that any concept of shape like "ball" or "sphere" is content and not a property of consciousness or perception.
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