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What is your personality type?

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Hey guys! I came across a website that will test you by asking you questions and based on the answers is generates what personality type you are out of the 16 personality types in this model. It's very insightful, and I highly recommend you to take it as well.

It guessed my personality type quite accurately, and then everything written on it - how you live your life, strengths & weaknesses, friendships, relationships, parenting, career - it read me like a book!

Here is the link to the test:


I am an INFP-A


Let's share our results!


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Okay, I'll play along to be a good sport I will share, but I don't think I was always this, because when I was younger friends were more important and I was more extroverted and flighty, then I am now.


Anyways, It said, ISTJ,  which is Logistician. 


You're a thought. Do you think a thought is going to occupy 'no thought'.

The 'changeless' can be realized only when the 
ever-changing thought-flow stops.

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@Faith Yeah, as it says on their website they suggest you retake the test 5 months from now exactly because your new experiences may shape your personality and highlight different traits in you. I'm sure most of us won't be with our personality type our whole life.

@Indisguise It is indeed shockingly accurate. It's all fun and games but I certainly wouldn't dismiss it and I do believe it can serve very much to you in knowing yourself better and what might fit your current lifestyle better.

@Lotus Bro what? How are you both? 😂

@ivankiss Yeah, but no need to worry. As I said, retake the test 5 months from now as the website suggests. Personality traits can change and morph with new experiences. Still tho, it can help you a lot along your path.

@Orb Yo, let's go! lmao. INFP-A or INFP-T?

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The great thing about those tests and you guys sharing is that it can give you a greater idea of the type of person you're talking to behind the screen. Since it read me like a book, I can say with some confidence that I bet your guys' answers described you in a shocking way. It can really help understand the mindset, the way someone views life, cherished values of the people here, and most importantly - the opportunity to better relate to people here.

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