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  1. Lotus

    No Self

    I see what you did there. 🤠 This body comes and goes, and you have the awesome opportunity to walk in it for a while, allowing you to experience the universe/the world. The body decays, you don’t. The notion of dying/disappearing along with the body is a belief unchecked. When you look through your eyes, you see creation. Without a body to look through, there is no universe and no experience of it. The impermanence/finitude of this experience makes life precious. If it is one thing, it‘s an opportunity to co-create along with the universe. Go to work, have a good time with friends, enjoy tasty meals, paint a picture, build stuff if you‘re a builder, garden if you love gardening, find activites you enjoy, plan how you want to go about paying the bills. Play the game of life.
  2. Lotus

    No Self

    Try to find yourself without utilizing thoughts. In the impossibility of it does it become clearer, that self is being constructed by thought - and you, in your essence, are not thought - how could you be something which you observe?
  3. Been noticing this with my memory, too. There's way less backwards thinking, e.g. thinking of the past, and way more focus on the now. Sometimes I gotta think real hard to remember what I did yesterday or the day before. However, when I do more of 'backwards thinking', say, by keeping a journal of what I did throughout the day, my smushy brain's memory is way better. But I find forwards thinking (what I wanna do)/being focussed in the now more enjoyable. Sometimes it's a mystery for me that my brain has the capacity to remember anything at all.
  4. Yes. Yes. I don‘t see how it‘s perfectly working out now, though. 😂 To be free of illusion, is to….?
  5. I‘m sorry, I still don‘t hear what‘s being said. So the answer to any question is already apparent? If so, how can I hear the answer in a way that I understand it? Kinda catapults me to the now. What happens now leads to the next thing. That gives me a sense of anticipation, which feels good. But I‘ve also had moments of good feeling anticipation without the expected outcome, which made me really sad at times. Which led to me not wanting to anticipate things anymore, in order to not get hurt, which resulted in a slightly pessimistic worldview.
  6. What‘s the difference? The first seems to be more static in comparison to the latter. I love the dual nature of it. It‘s amazing to see how one can‘t exist without the other, and vice versa. Or how there can only be a problem when a solution is sought. Or how, for the big questions à la „What Is Life about?“, the questions burn away and the answers become illuminated, when the questioner disappears. Sometimes it seems like one asks a question and can’t find the answer ‚on the other end‘. If answers arise with the questions, how can a satisfactory ‚answer‘ be found/illuminated quickly and with certainty that the answer is correct? I have a hunch that the ‚how‘ lies somewhere in listening and intuition. Only in retrospect could I see that the timing was always right and everything had to be the way it was. In retrospect I can glimpse the divine timing of everything that happened and how one thing led to another. Yet, I still sometimes blame the universe for not giving me what I want sooner. And then I sometimes blame myself for not getting ready to receive. Because deep down I know, if I were ready (emotionally/vibrationally speaking), what I want would appear.
  7. Why do you say that everything is working out perfectly? It often seems that things are not perfect the way they are, and that they could be better, which leads to the next question. What's meant by "perfect"? How does appearance work in terms of attraction? And what is divine timing? It reminds me of the saying that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. "The Law of Relativity points to the ineffable actuality & acuity of there being no absolute truth of luck, randomness, chance or coincidence. This applies to everything from the current state of the planet and all of it’s ongoings, to a single text, phone call or email you receive."
  8. Can you elaborate? How can answers to an AMA be given when there‘s no one to know them?
  9. AMA? Ask who anything? If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
  10. You‘re free to do whatever. This is freedom. Life is very much like a theatre play and we are very much like amazing actors. Meditation reveals that we are not the actors, but the ‚essence behind them‘. And in that freeing of conditioning lies the opportunity to co-create along with life. Life is play. ▶️🙂
  11. On the other hand, it's nice to have the opportunity to be around here, ask questions and engage a bit, if it's wanted. Lotta goodness flowing here. 🙂
  12. I could never feel bad enough to make someone else feel good.
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