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A suggestion

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Rather than thinking about stuff you oughta remove from your life of or quit, such as overeating, smoking, screens...


Think about what well-being supporting activity you can add. 


Like for example / for an analogy... Rather than trying to quit hamburgers and pizza, add loophole shake and/or a bunch of fruits.


Shift the focus from what "bad stuff" you should quit, to what "good stuff" you can add.



There must be an effortless way.

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15 minutes ago, Rose said:

Why would that work? My therapist told me the same thing lol, instead of looking for ways to stop obsessing about my coworkers, find others things that I enjoy doing 

I guess the question you ask is; how is the "problem" with my co-workers going to get fixed by doing things i enjoy. 


If you are not thinking about the "problem", where is it then? 


You are being what you focus on, so being the thought is the problem itself and that is what you are feeling. The problem is not out there.

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50 minutes ago, WhiteOwl said:

If you are not thinking about the "problem", where is it then?

Haha, that’s true, it doesn’t exist.


But not so easy to shift your attention if you are laying in your bed at 5 am unable to fall asleep because you are having a 5-hour panic attack and obsessing about what your coworkers said. 


Nothing works at that point except taking sleeping pills. 

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I think you should always do things that are aligned to your health. And cut out things that aren't.

The problem is that often those negative things are associated with with our traumas, shadows, wounds, flaws, triggers etc or just plain harmful. Exploring this side is absolutely important to self growth.

Often times when we don't cut out things, it's like we're letting the wounds fester or get bigger and unmanageable.

A phrase comes to mind that could have saved my life - "a stitch in time saves nine."


So basically I'm an autistic INFJ BPD sigma Pisces female with anger and CPTSD issues. Wow wow. 

My plate looks full. I Couldn't have been weirder than that. Now I get why I'm so idiosyncratic. 

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9 hours ago, Rose said:

But not so easy to shift your attention if you are laying in your bed at 5 am unable to fall asleep because you are having a 5-hour panic attack and obsessing about what your coworkers said.

Your panic attacks and unableness to sleep has nothing at all to do with your co-worker. Believing that just perpetuates the feelings. 


If i was in your shoes i would start to ask myself some questions what is really going on with me. Don't make it about anyone else or make it anyone elses fault. Its you and your feelings coming from your perspectives. 


Try to see that whatever your co-worker says or does is no reason for you to feel any of this, or whatever else thoughts are believed to be the cause. 


One interpretation -->one feeling response --> new interpretation --> new feeling response --> 


Sounds tough not being able to sleep. You can change this around though💚

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13 hours ago, Rose said:

Why would that work?

‘Works’ because Good is nondual. 🥰


Panic attacks are suppressed emotion / denying of emotional guidance in favor of not allowing emotion to be felt fully / being right / keeping discordant beliefs / interpretations. 


There is an experience (the right side of the left sphere) of beliefs about other people & bad & good, as if a you knows. But these are only beliefs, thoughts appearing, based on mistaken identity. The body is well aware of this / is The Truth. 


In Truth, you want nothing but good, nothing but the best - for everyone. 

This “interpretation” is pure alignment because it’s not an interpretation at all, it’s The Truth. Goodness is nondual. 


Un-suppressing / expressing is attracting and is directly related to - is actually one & the same… as what you want coming to be / showing up ‘in the flesh’. 


It’s acknowleding that a belief is a belief (right side of sphere)…. Which is alignment with that you are the creator / love. Expression / alignment creates change. This is already the case, already how it is, how reality is. 


“Getting out of your own way” (alignment) is simple & uneventful. It’s noticing the thoughts ‘it’s not easy to shift focus’ & ‘it’s hard to shift your mind’…. are thoughts. The separate self which those thoughts imply, which shifts focus or for who it’s hard or an efforting… is thoughts and is not an actual separate self. 


Allow the thoughts… it is easy & effortless. It’s an allowing, not even a doing. 

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On 2/11/2024 at 6:34 AM, Phil said:

The Truth. Goodness is nondual

Why on earth is goodness nondual?!! How can it be nondual if there is evil? 

How is the universe “kind” and “good” if there are wars and people doing horrible things to each other? It’s sadistic 

Edited by Rose
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1 hour ago, Rose said:

Why on earth is goodness nondual?!!

Goodness is not on earth, as goodness is not a thing as in a finite object.

There is no such thing as finite objects; only the believing of thoughts. 


Goodness is infinite & without form; appearing as or being, that which the thought ‘earth’ points to. 

The so called earth is in actuality an appearance, a sphere, the ‘center’ of which is hollow, formless, nondual, unconditional, infinite being. 

Therein, in truth, there is no earth. That there is, is a secondary belief. 


The primary belief is misidentification; that you yourself are not nondual goodness, but are a human, on an earth. 

An individual. A separate self. A finite being. A person. A human. These are mere thoughts. Beliefs. 


You are goodness; appearing as these so called thoughts; believing these thoughts and asking this question now, as pure innocence. 

Unthinkable, unimaginable, unspeakable, untouchable perfection - innocence


Goodness is not two. That means goodness is that which is aware of these so called words now, and there is no second. 


There is no answer to the question ‘why is goodness nondual’, nor ‘why is there infinite being’, sans the truth - there is no finite, no form, no separation.


There is neither birth nor death, nor space nor time, nor gravity nor antigravity, nor a sun nor a moon, nor a solar system or galaxies.

To believe there is is utter ignorance and complete denial of direct experience in favor of beliving thoughts. 


There is no heart beating, lungs breathing, brain thinking, eyes reading nor fingers typing.

To believe so is no more than to believe thoughts. 

To ask how can it be that simple, is to outright ignore what is being said. 


To believe in what does not resonate with the goodness you are is delusion, ignorance & suffering. 

And therein lies all conflict inner & outer, all harm, all violence, and all war. 


You are goodness. You never began. You can not end. And that is the reality of the situation. 

That is The Message. 


1 hour ago, Rose said:

How can it be nondual if there is evil? 

There is no evil. 

What appears to forget, forgets by appearing. 

Overlooks it’s self; that it is appearing. 

Overlooks it’s own infinitude & unconditionality - in exchange for the handful of beans that is believing thoughts and suppressing the guidance of emotion. 


There is no “it” which is nondual. That would be two; a you and an it. 

That is the equivalent of a grown woman believing in Santa Clause. 

To put these childish notions of my past, my future, of material physicality down, is to awaken as nondual goodness. 

To no longer overlook, to no longer play mind games, to no longer deny, to no longer suffer. 


There is goodness. There is not, a you.

There are self referential thoghts - beliefs - that what’s being said isn’t true, is too good to be true, isn’t possible. 

That’s denial - even as you, formless nondual infinite goodness, appear as the very thoughts believed to constitute denial, just as readily as you justify believing in evil.


All actions & behaviors which seem to constitute evil, are done in ignorance of exactly what’s being said. 

What’s appearing as so called thoughts is literally also what’s being said. 

The very words, this screen, the one believed to be separate somewhere in spacetime at the other end of an internet - it’s all beliefs


When you believe a discordant self referential thought, a thought about yourself which doesn’t resonate - that is ignore-ance. 

What’s ignored, is the very goodness that you truly are, to which the thought does not feel good to. 

Thus, acknowledging emotions is the inward orientation of acknowledging the truth. 


It’s the acknowledgement of how a thought feels - without ignorance - without any care whatsoever for wether a thought is true or not, who’s right or wrong, who’s at fault, who started it, etc, etc, etc. All behaviors and actions which stem from believing thoughts and suppressing emotions are reactionary, asleep in a matrix of causation; a lifetime appearing & dissapearing, never having been truly lived at all. 


All such beliefs are indicative of an underlying seeking in a pretend objective reality to ultimately determine if you are guilty or innocent, and that is a colossal misnomer of the reality of innocence. 



For what is infinite there is no other. For what is infinite to experince ‘other’ - infinite must appear as if - and veil itself from it’s own infinitude. 

And here we appear to be. Well done. Now unfetter of the ignorance just as an astronaut returning home surely takes off the suit. 

Breathe for the first time. See for the first time. Hear for the first time. Love for the first time. 

No more me, my, mine, ours, theirs, us, them. 

Just, love; and then. 


Not later. Not tomorrow. Not is some imagination. Not in a future. Not when you’re good enough. Not when you become someone or something. 

Right now, as that’s all there is, because again - this is an appearance - of you, goodness.

This is goodness. 

You are not “inside of a body”. 

You are being. 



1 hour ago, Rose said:

How is the universe “kind” and “good” if there are wars and people doing horrible things to each other? It’s sadistic 

All that’s asked as it were, is that judgments like “horrible” and “sadistic” are put down, and how it feels is instead acknowledged. 


That’s literally it. 

That’s all it takes. 

That and a lot of emptying of a lot of nonsense. 

Instead of judging again - even one more time - stop. Take pause.

Love first; and then. 

That’s it. 


When you fuck up, apologize. 

When I fuck up, forgive. 

It’s that simple. 


This is the creation you are being, which is being destroyed by ignorance. 

By rampant beliefs about infinite consciousness.

By ignorance and cowardice toleration of misinformation & harm. 

By greed, vanity, arrogance, pride, manipulation and deception - the creation you are being is being destroyed to the point of being uninhabitable.  


In meditation there is no ignorance, no violence, no suffering, no harm, no war. 

But thoughts arise, and are believed, and make it so. 


Kind means no more than similar, alike, indicative of, in-kind. 

The universe is not kind, the universe is a belief. 

It is you which is kind, which is goodness, which if formless, which is innocence, which is appearing. 

It is you which is believing in evil, a universe, and other. 

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