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I have autism, and getting to know new people in real life is one of the hardest things to do for me. I am quite good at "creating" when I know what I need, though. I don't really have friends, but have "discussion partners". They all came into my life after me visualising having a partner to talk about a certain topic.

Edit: Let me add a small story to explain myself. Around my 30th birthday I decided I had been without a relationship for way too long, so I visualised my perfect partner. I made a list of 25-30 things that attracted me, from hair color, to loving character, to financially stable, ... and then let the thought go. Not one week later, I was sitting in the train in the area where the outside doors are, since there wasn't any place to sit inside, not looking at anyone (I never look at people). Suddenly some smoke comes out of the closet I'm sitting against. I move a few meters and realize I'm sitting next to a girl. I say: "I'm sorry, do you mind if I sit here." She starts talking to me and before I realize, we exchange phone numbers. In the weeks after I realize she has every single thing that was on my list. We stayed together for the better part of a decade. She is the mother of my kid and still my best friend.

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I would try to find some place with music/concerts that you also like. Mind find some likeminded people there. Also, where i live there is at least one vegan restaurant that i know of that has 1 night a week where everyone eats together.  I am sure places like that exists all over. Might find more spiritual people there than other places 🙂

Else maybe join a reiki-group or something similar. Haven't done that myself yet though.

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I always find those people where I live when I attend spiritual gatherings of any kind, dance groups, workshops or festivals (spiritual or psychedelic music festivals).

For me it has been easiest to truly connect, not just meet people in a shallow way, when I've attended gatherings or workshops that are focused on conscious relating.  For example authentic relating groups, circling, cuddle-parties or neo-tantra.


If there are no gatherings currently where you live... I'd try to be brave, talk to people on the street that look like hippies 😄 or look for any local online group where you basically could be straight forward and share about who you are & what you are looking for. 

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On 4/22/2022 at 12:00 AM, Indisguise said:

Especially those who are interested in spirituality and psychedelics? That'd be cool. What are your strategies? Especially when you're new in a city?

In many countries (even Germany) there are these psychedelic trance events you can go to or festivals. However, there can be freaksj, too.


There are psychedelic society settlements etc. Or just talk to many people and there will be ones who are interested in these things.

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@Indisguise meetups.com


You can find groups dedicated to fun meetups and of course...meeting people.

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