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  1. There is something llke objective truth. You nevet now they really walked your path. I dont care what you do and what people you found.
  2. Yes, it would be hard to admit to yourself that you hardly could change much. Maybe if you are really dedicated over years you could. There is also much scientific evidence available. It is basically proven, so you dont have to trust me. Using your gut is following ego most of the time. Rationality is important and inclusive for success, too.
  3. Yes, more than that. Even if I wasnt it would still be true because it is true now.
  4. Leader is Not about leading people. A leadership personality is emotionally stable, self confident, low in neurotism etc. I am not here to lie to you and Tell you fairytails so you feel better. That is because i dont Do it to myself. You can Hardy change your personality.
  5. It is obvious that she is looking for something better and holds you as a card in her backhand, if she isn’t successful. So she wont feel the fear of being alone. Relationships growing that fast are most of the time not healthy. And you should be very alert, this will very likely turn into a disaster and you will be the fucled one. Not in a good way. Your sense of self worth seems to be very low. She just uses you and you fully commit. If I were you, I would cut off the whole thing immediately.
  6. Because I experienced it and it makes sense to apply to everybody if you look at the psychiatric literature.
  7. Freelance sex is not healthy for anybody. And like jerking off. It is not worth the effort.
  8. Yes I am willing to, but there must be reasonable and justified. Otherwise, anyone could say anything and I would have to accept it as true by default? I think you know what I mean - be humble and think about it before posting an answer. Best is you don't answer to practice humility.
  9. @Mandy You often come across as spiritually elevated, like someone who simply makes assumptions about others, knows everything better, projects and can't admit any mistakes, then tries to turn things around or present them differently. Even if it is obvious. That is then of course also unpleasant. On the other hand, sometimes very useful things are there 🙂 I know you try your best and the intentions are good. I am grateful for everybody who tries to do good in the world.
  10. I already felt turned off, because many things you said to me sounded like prejustices and like I am the person to blame on by default (like I have to apologize even though you don't know how it went apart). And no I am not your lab rat and instead of assigning psychological deficits to others you may look at your self. There is more benefit to gain from. And many people like to talk to me, but I am not that agreeable so of course other people can get upset because I am straight forward.
  11. @Mandy When I once smoked cannabis, every person was so interesting to me. Just for what he is. Kind of like an interesting character like in a movie. I agree on that level and I would like to manifest that feeling permanently. So in that sense I think the advice is good. But I don't resonate with the others.
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