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On 5/1/2023 at 6:27 PM, noomii said:

What's your favourite way to exercise?


I have been walking a lot lately. About 3 miles every day, or more. And a rest day every now and then.


Gonna slowly add miles.


It's good because it doesn't feel like exercise. Not doing it because "I have to", but because I actually like walking.


Really recommend it.


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There must be an effortless way.

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@Mandy @spiritual dreams @Blessed2 Thank you 🙂 @almond Flying? 😄

I have enough physical labour at my work during weekdays, but I want new workout routines for saturday & sunday, so I have the habit of movement every day.
I usually run and do some small strength exercises but it's become too repetitive and boring. I want full-body workout and more strength. I don't really enjoy doing stuff like in a gym, I want fun activities in nature or together with others.
I like hiking, running and I sometimes go for a swim but I'm thinking of something other than that. Not sure what.
Maybe it's possible to make regular gym strength training fun if it's outside.

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For me it’s lifting the main couple lifts. I lift heavy and I generally do 5 sets of 5. Main lifts being bench press, squats, power cleans, and instead of dead lifting I do Romanian dead lifts. I think Romanian deadlifts are easier to get the hang of, plus you get most of the same benefits as deadlifts.

Also pull ups and chins ups are essential for back and arm development if you look at male gymnasts, their arms are always huge. And they don’t do bicep curls or other arm exercises. From what I understand it’s all from pull ups and form being on the bars. The motivation comes once you have been doing it a while and you start

to get bigger/stronger. Then you get super motivated 

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19 hours ago, noomii said:

Maybe it's possible to make regular gym strength training fun if it's outside.

yes that sounds more fun, especially when the weather feels good. 

you can try tree or rock-climbing btw.

@Blessed2 I like that about walking as well

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