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Eat some magic mushrooms and listen to Rupert Spira while sitting in the dark for a few hours 🍄 😆 A profound experience awaits! But Phil's dead on. It's just an experience. Don't chase it afterward. Use the insights learned to deepen your understanding. I've found that psilocybin brings up some very intense and difficult emotional traumas from the past and can really aid in shadow work. Those not prepared for this have bad trips.

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I have always been kind of drawn towards them and very curious. Done most "usual" psychadelics a good amount of times. They never changed my world around in the obvious sense as i was hoping for before hand. Almost always have kind of difficult experiences, not always, but close. Then after a while the craving of a new trip/experience comes back. But yes, they are worth exploring for sure, very interesting.

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I did shrooms last night for the first time in a couple years.  It was so funny because I was eating them thinking they weren't legit and so I kept eating them and then whammo!  I got hit with the whole thing.  All I could so is say oh wow oh wow for which seemed like an eternity.  I definitely felt my body very thoroughly (like from the inside) and I feel like my body is cleaned out.  Cleaned out is how I feel.  I was past due for a psychedelic trip.  I probably ate like an eighth.  Shrooms are sneaky in how it takes a while for them to kick in.  I forgot that haha.  I got snuck up on.  Good productive trip with lots of insights too.  Most feeling insights.  Shrooms are very Feminine for psychedelics.  I prefer LSD which is more Masculine and cerebral.  Really I love both.  Both have been useful on my path.  I like how shrooms connect you with feeling, including a Feminine sort of love.  Great for Feminine development work.

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