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  1. Is there a problem with it - I said the same thing? This place is like actualized... same constant rhetoric.
  2. Good You treat women like throw away objects. I saw your thread on actualized, you are not a very good person underneath it all, you are a self centered sort of introvert-esque kind of person. I feel so so so sorry for the women that run into you. I really do. I feel for them, because I have dealt with guys like you. You would legit be best off starting a journal away from it all. Not on either forum, but nowhere at all, where no one witnesses you, or knows of you. As far as avoiding - I generally avoid most men, but I will occasionally do what I please.
  3. I don't deal with people telling me what to do in my spiritual path, sorry, you aren't my authority and never will be.
  4. It is there... don't listen to these people they have not almost died. Souls exist. Reincarnation is true. Look for it yourself, don't ask...
  5. Done with this place... it's the same shit here. Good bye,
  6. You're weird around women... Maybe don't bother them anymore...? Like... what's up with this journaling around all these women you meet? Are we allowed to be honest here on this forum or no? Cause if not, I can peace out no problebo, but... You remind me of the pure narcissism that my ex would display, under the pretense of artistic ... improvement? But he was a moderate level artist who used his emotions wrongly, and thus the people around him... For the sake of mulling himself to oblivion... So... what are you even doing here, pretending to be a poetic spiritual... what, even... You're just like everyone else, you're not this artsy fartsy dude... it's an act. Are you going to get rid of that, or just carry over to here? Is that what everyone here is about? Carrying over the same stuff? Been there, done that. Hope you like my "poem". Grow up.
  7. No, not everyone is. Some people like... live through their ego. They may be well meaning, but no enlightened. Not everybody speaks the truth. They speak THEIR truth, but not THE Truth, There is a difference... where did you pick this up from that everyone was enlighened and speaks the truth, this doesn't sound like something that was thought through completely, but speaks like, "I just wanted to post something, so here's a thing everyone has heard before that isn't entirely accurate, although you "could" say it's true, but are you at the ability to describe why it is true?" By true comes from self reflection, and people's behaviour tells me that, no, some people are not enlightened - there has to be something put in place to decide what that is - murderers, rapists, ect - no they aren't. If they were, universal Love would come through, and bad actions would have karmic consequences. Which they do.
  8. Yes, there is - but that insight comes from my own personal journey. Check out the books Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts, The Psychic Being by Sri Aurobindo and the Tibetan Book of the Dead along with the Law of One by Ra. Books are friends, forums are frenemies, they won't give you the education you need to come to your own conclusion. We can offer little bits of info here and there from our own perspective. Read... read a lot. On spirituality. As much as you can. Meditate. Be present and learn from the present moment. Journal. A lot. This helps you get acquainted with your true self. Don't even listen to me. No one here is right... but YOU. Only your higher self, your true self, awareness God, whatever... can tell you what the truth is. We are all FOOLS here. YOU know the truth. So find out if you believe or don't believe. Even if I say it is true, don't trust it - just find what insights you can, and trust yourself.
  9. What a beautiful name! I am appreciative of this warm sunny day when the weather said it would be rainy, instead I get to kick back and enjoy some rays.
  10. You're welcome. Why do you hide? Also, to stay on theme, I appreciate my mom for picking up my prescription today that was nice of her.
  11. I don't know - every time I become more conscious it feels like there are more questions to answer - it becomes infinitely more complex, although being in it is simple enough. I just... don't know.
  12. Yeah you know, I actually agree - because when I get into a solipsistic state I can manifest things more - or rather I notice things that coincide with my identity much more. I've felt that state, where everyone and everything becomes "you" - but I was also at my most manic and in my worst place in life where the inner was spilling out into the outer, but not in a grounded way. It felt like a bubble, for sure, and maybe it was just me experiencing my soul creating the physical senses, not sure... I also agree that having an identity is very helpful in today's world - not having one feels very "floaty" and unnatural - yet I remember what it was like as a child not to have any identity. But when I felt the souls - there was no identity - no mania, it felt very natural and loving. Like I had returned home. I love that poem, it really resonates.
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