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@Alexander Sometimes when i fall into the trap of believing its a very serious matter, it seems like a struggle and i feel some discord around the whole topic. Its supposed to be fun and interesting like everything else you want to do, but sometimes when it comes to "enlightenment talk" it seems like its different and has to be approached very seriously, maybe believing that its possible to improve "yourself". 


Its good to take a break for a few days once in a while to find new inspiration also.

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If the premise of this forum is not in alignment with where you want to spend your time, there are many other chat groups and social media sites where debate and arguing is allowed, in fact that makes up the majority of the internet. Ask yourself if that's really what you want and how you want to interact and spend your time and life energy. If it is, please find another outlet for it, this forum is not that. Recently multiple threads have been derailed by personal grudges which limits the enjoyment and utilization of the forum for all members. New threads with the aim to troll rather than explore and discuss have been started in inappropriate areas of the forum. 


Going forward this behavior will result in warning points and/or posting bans. This forum is a powerful tool, and I think you recognize it's value or you wouldn't keep coming back. Phil and others have spent an enormous amount of time, money and careful consideration in making a community that we felt was inclusive and welcoming and we have refrained from being harsh with warning points for the past two years. No one likes issuing warning points. However, if personal attacks and derailed and trolling threads are the new norm, and moderation is not employed, that community is no longer welcoming or inclusive. This place isn't like everywhere else on the internet, you guys know that or you wouldn't be here. 


Ask yourself if you value it, and if so please align yourself with the guidelines and premise of the forum and please appreciate it and the effort in helping to run it.  You are loved and appreciated more than you know. This forum is intended to be a reflection of that love and inherent unconditional value we all bring to the table. It is for discussion, and curious exploration, it is for vulnerability and expression without attack, it is not for debating, trolling or personal attacks based out of an unexamined feeling of insecurity. If you do not agree with the guidelines and the premise of the forum, please look elsewhere for a place to discuss what you are interested in. There are an abundance of discord servers and Facebook groups these days. 


Saying it again, because it's the most important message here, you are loved and appreciated more than you know. Unconditionally. Your privllige to participate on this forum however, is conditional.  Allow the love that you are and it will reflect back everywhere you look. Please take a respite and spend some time in nature, or do something fun, sing at the top of your lung, treat yourself, or whatever it is you're inspired to do and please come back and join us in the spirit in which you intended when you came to share this beautiful time space reality with everything that is living, as Life itself. There is so much wonder, love and joy here for you, unconditionally, whether you stay or go. You got this. 


We see you clearly, we see through you, we see the brilliance and love and light that you are, and that's why we strictly will settle for nothing less than that. 


You in, or you out? Up to you. Either way, you're awesome, you're loved, you're each unique in your own way and you're appreciated. 

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