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  1. Yes you are, you are.
  2. Manifestation has nothing to do with self as orb said.
  3. I can not be enlightened. All is enlightened already. If you haven't realize this, you just lost yourself in the clouds, thoughts and attachments that's all.
  4. I=universe. An attachment with one thought brings back entire duality. Sit, lay back and just watch the show.
  5. Of course!!! Letting go is much lighter. You do lose interest on everything, but you gain love. Love does not show itself so sudden. When everything is surrendered love becomes inevitable.
  6. Lol. So anything we say is just a personal opinion, nothing to do with Truth.
  7. As I mentioned above, how can we trust the human knowledge? How do they know that we are in the world, having a body, experiencing, living etc... ? Whatever we have learn since our birth including the birth and I is the biggest illusion in the first place. Let me give you an example. Phones. If you go back 50 years ago and tell someone cellphone they will tell you wtf is that. So as you see we invented the phone, as our birth, as us, as these/my sentences. Great deal to learn many stuff. But how do they know? Knowing is the biggest illusion.
  8. Definitely. Enlightenment is simply being where you already are and being what you already.
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