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What is the Divine Masculine?  For me it's #5 in my 10 Sources of Truth Model.  The Divine Masculine can be summed up as "I am God".   Leo Gura teaches the Divine Masculine.  It's an area of development work in my opinion, but only 1 of 10 areas.  Most people on here lean more in the Divine Feminine direction which can be summed up as "No Self (Everything is One)".   Divine Marriage is the relation or marriage between I am God and No Self (Everything is One).   Very few people in my experience have even worked on Divine Marriage or the marriage between the human and the Divine.  That's very high-level development work in my point of view.  The marriage between the integral and the Transcendent is also rare for people to be very developed in.

My 10 Sources of Truth Model:

  1. The Human Feminine
  2. The Human Masculine
  3. The Relation between The Human Feminine and Human Masculine (human marriage)
  4. The Divine Feminine
  5. The Divine Masculine
  6. The Relation between The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine (Divine Marriage)
  7. The Relation between The Human and The Divine (human and Divine Marriage)
  8. The Integral
  9. The Transcendent
  10. The Relation between The Integral and The Transcendent (integral and Transcendent Marriage)
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The Divine Masculine represents the masculine aspect of God.

While in the Absolute, God transcends duality and is therefore neither male nor female, in the relative, everything seems to be made up of polarity. This polarity serves as the fundamental fabric of reality, akin to the binary code system (0-1) in a computer, and manifests in both the feminine and masculine principles.

The Divine Feminine embodies the archetypal feminine aspect of God, while the Divine Masculine embodies the archetypal masculine aspect. They are identifiable because what we typically recognize as feminine shares most attributes with the Divine Feminine, and the same applies to the Divine Masculine. This occurs despite everything in the relative world being composed of these two polarities, including humans.

The Divine Masculine is linked with characteristics such as:

Mind (in contrast to the Body)

Logic (as opposed to emotions)

Geometry (as opposed to substance)

Shapes and Forms (in relation to matter)

Individualism (as opposed to collectivity)

The external (as opposed to the internal)

Doing (as opposed to being)

The left brain (in contrast to the right brain)

And so forth.

Additionally, it manifests in the human psyche (as well as sometimes in nature) in the form of Masculine Archetypes:

The King

The Warrior

The Magician

The Lover

And others.

The mature masculine aspect consistently embodies the archetype of the King, requiring integration of the other masculine archetypes for a well-rounded manifestation of the King.

The Divine Masculine is in its centered form when it harmoniously integrates with the Divine Feminine, and vice versa, signifying their perfect integrity with each other.

Edited by Serenity

“Know yourself as nothing; feel yourself as everything.” - Rupert Spira

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This video I would classify to be in the Divine Masculine genre.   I am God.  I'm it.  You can disagree with the story Leo tells here, but it's on that theme: The Divine Individual.  The Divine I.  The Divine Me.  This is a rabbit-hole you can identify and go down in Development Work.  That's how I think of my 10 Sources of Truth Model or Map.  It's a tool.  The problem is people replace tool with Truth, with a rabbit-hole with the rabbit-hole.  People get siloed by constructs instead of being construct-aware for a variety of reasons.  I actually like this video because I don't interpret as the final answer but as a tool.  This is one of Leo's best videos but it freaked a lot of people out because they took it to be Absolute Truth.  No, it's a construct.  It's a map not the territory.  It's something to consider.  Something to share -- for people interested in the Divine Masculine subject area of development work.  It's not the only model for Divine Masculine.  Think of Divine Masculine as more of a subject category, topic, genre, or zone than one thing.  One thing I will say, the Divine Masculine isn't dependent on accepting Truth.  The Divine Masculine creates Truth or not.  If I am God, I'm above Truth.  So I don't agree entirely with how Leo frames The Divine Masculine.   But nobody thinks like me nor should they!  You gotta enjoy other people's sharings as they saw it when they shared it.  It's an artwork coming out of them.  There's a truth vs./and magic duality wobble that I think is relevant here and I need to make a video on.  It's one of my pending video topics.  


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1 hour ago, Joseph Maynor said:

@Serenity Beautiful!  I love it.  Each person has to create their own map.  To even be able to appreciate this to me is an achievement.  But that's just me.  I don't expect others to think the way I do.  I want them to think the way they do.

Thanks. Happy it brings something.


I haven't really developed my own map though, as most of the knowledge there has been sourced through pre-existing content. Mostly Daoism and Jungian psychology (CG Jung, Jean Raffa, Emerald Wilkins, Moore and Gilette, etc).

“Know yourself as nothing; feel yourself as everything.” - Rupert Spira

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16 minutes ago, Mandy said:

@Reena So divine means spiritual? What is spiritual? What is unspiritual? 

I think the word ethereal or "ether" comes to mind. Something that is intangible or spirit-like. Not associated with materialism or human ego. More like associated with human spirit. 

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7 minutes ago, Reena said:

I think the word ethereal or "ether" comes to mind. Something that is intangible or spirit-like. Not associated with materialism or human ego. More like associated with human spirit. 

So it would be non-human, non-formed, not possessing a body? 

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2 minutes ago, Mandy said:

How can what is referring to spirit or the bodiless then also describe a body? 

Because I believe that we as humans are composed of two dimensions. The material which is our body and the spirit or soul which extends beyond death. 

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6 minutes ago, Reena said:

So are we composed of more dimensions? 

That depends on what you believe we are. If we are the body as we typically think of it then three, or possibly four, if we aren't matter or the body, maybe none, maybe infinite, maybe neither? 

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