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Dream Symbolism Thread


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So I figured it would be cool to have a thread for us to sort out the symbolism and meanings in our dreams together.


If you have an interesting dream, post it here to gain insight as to what the dream might be "about"!


Everyone is waiting for eternity but the Shaman asks: "how about today?"

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Last night I saw a dream where I was in a forest next to a sea/lake. I found this old, forgotten shelf full of all sorts of objects. The shelf was covered with moss, as if it had been sitting next to that lake for years.


I found all sorts of "treasures" in that shelf. Not really anything valuable per se, but all sort of crap, but it was still thrilling to see what I find. There was also an interesting twist to it, that the shelf and most of the treasures were something from my past, like stuff from my childhood I'd have forgotten there.


There was just some random clutter, but also my mom's old smartphone and credit cards, crystals I had bought and forgotten, some 50€ bill, oracle cards, and maybe some childrens toys.


It was kind of exciting to see all that stuff "again", and I was happy to have new stuff, even though really it was all just clutter. 😂


In the same dream I was also "fishing" with a rod, but not for fish. For "treasures" and whatever objects I'd find from the bottom of the lake. The dream began as me flying this weird small plane and crashing it into the ocean, and trying to "fish" it back to surface. But then all sort of other objects and the shelf was found.


I saw another similar some time ago where I was diving to the bottom of a river and finding all sort of objects / treasures. In that dream I found a lot of crystals.


I have an intuition that water might be symbolism for emotion. I wonder though what the objects / treasures / forgotten stuff from the past is about. I got a feeling it's a positive symbol. It's exciting and fun to find new stuff lol.


What do you guys think? Any ideas?


Everyone is waiting for eternity but the Shaman asks: "how about today?"

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Great thread idea. 


My two cents on the dream…


Typically people say I had a dream and in that dream I saw a forest or what have you. But you said something subtly specific imo, that you saw the dream and were in the forest. That’s very interesting to me, as it brings to mind ‘seeing’ the world-sphere, vs being in the world-sphere. So to speak, the ‘moment’ of being the lens-sphere is essentially simultaneously The Forgetting and the being ‘in’ the world-sphere. 


What follows then seems to be childlike innocence, unfettered, unencumbered (yet) by the conditioning of the ignorance of the world, by the seeming world’s over focus and overvaluing of, thinking. Rather, instead, it’s about the thrill of the adventure, the journey, the now. Overall the dream strikes me as an expression arising, a deep desire for ‘the best of both worlds’… the thriving in life as the unconditional, as the very innocence forgotten. Moving forward without losing Grounding might be another way to put it. 


The items seem to symbolize simplicity, or a simpler time, possibility, potentiality, a way, and a chance at that best of both worlds, of planting seeds which grow & enjoying the unfolding, without the ‘loss’ or forgetting of the true nature. This seems to be expressed as the excitement to find the ‘old stuff’ 🤍and happy to have the ‘new stuff’. There also seems to be a deep recognition there of the fleeting nature of the ten thousand things as ‘objects of consciousness’ are being put in their rightful place as, lightly & humorously speaking, ‘all just clutter’ really. Not quite as significant as perhaps previously ‘held’ to be. 


Not per se trying to be all psychoanalytical here, but ‘sea/lake’ is also a pretty unique reference, and maybe more so that it was next to you. Most of the time people would just say ‘there was a lake’. I think in the dream the sea/lake, that subtle unspecified undefined terming, points to the sea/lake being God. The next part, likely to you, is just a recapping of the dream as it transpired, but to me, as an onlooker here, there’s quite a sudden shift to flying a weird small plane and crashing into the ocean. You also said that actually happened first, that it was ‘how the dream began’. Chills up in here reading that. 


That you were fishing to retrieve the plane, but instead the shelf with the nostalgic items was found really hit me pretty hard in the feels. In the sense, in going to God, in allowing God in, in fishing ‘there’, we often ‘receive’ gifts… that we really already had, and just didn’t know. It’s a bit like wanting to go back, to just be the bliss & ecstasy… and basically ‘experiencing’ that which only God can ‘say’ - “no ya don’t”… as in, as God, you ‘thought it through’ plenty, perfectly, before being the spheres, and what you really want is that ‘best of both worlds’. 


I think crystals are popping up in dreams because of their perfect crystalline structure, basically God-Love ‘saying’ I Am ‘here’ ‘too’, I didn’t go anywhere. 


I think the water symbolizes what emotion is made of, again a pointing to this being Home, with the intuition being the ‘gateless gate’, and the objects being symbolic of our Self, of innocence, fun, spirit, and basically just eating all of life’s shit sandwiches and smiling, laughing, thriving and moving forward anyways. That ‘forgotten stuff of the past’ I believe is actually representative of your absolutely complete & already whole infinite awesomeness, and I couldn’t agree more with finding new stuff being fun as hell. In summary, this dream seems to denote some emptying, some letting go, and I think some changes are coming and life’s going to effortlessly get a bit more effortless. You’re a very powerful dreamer. 

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Last night I dreamed that I was going to some place to adopt a dog. I thought I need to choose a dog that is easy to care for. I chose a blonde Labrador.

We were walking on the streets in my home town and I realized I forgot to put the leash on the dog and worried it will run away so I put the leash on.

Later I think we were in my old school for some reason and then later me and the dog were out in nature on top of a hill in a new country. I looked down on a big forest and I cried out of happiness. I thought "This is just what I wanted". Then suddenly I was aware of a very heavy discordant emotion and it was like a reminder that I still felt like shit and that I couldn't enjoy the moment.


Maybe it was me trying to control what I feel (the Labrador), when really I can just let it be and it will guide me towards what I truly want. 😊

I don't want a dog like in the dream though.

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I had a dream today that I was in front of children in groups of 3-4 and I had the class for myself to give a lesson. It felt unhurried and simple, I already knew how it was going to be.


I feel a fresh perspective is possibel over my old worries and to let go of them, realizing experience teaches on the go in the lesson/s too. 

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A while ago I dreamed I woke up in a small room where I live and my father was there too but he sat on a chair towards the other side of the room and talked to people coming in that were his 'clients'.
Behind his back I saw an Onyx crystal and some other crystals. The Onyx was covered with stone & other colors, it seemed unpolished.

Him sitting with the back towards me most likely reflected an apparent distance after a conflict we had. Maybe the crystals are a reminder we are not separate and the unpolished crystal meant I'm not seeing it clearly?

Last night I was in town and there were dogs running to me and I felt afraid about them biting me.
Later I was inside a house where there was a dog biting me. I was aware it was a dream and thought it will probably disappear if I just surrender and let the dog bite or kill me. The sensation changed and it felt so uncomfortable. Don't really remember what happened later but I think there were some other animal biting me more.

Maybe dog biting symbolize something specific?

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