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What is intuition?


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Intuition is always there, but often overridden by thought.

It's a holistic way of understanding (a situation) and knowing how to act, without the "normal" way of discursive, linear, reductionistic, pointalistic thought getting in the way.

In vernacular terms, it's your gut feeling,

It's something you can't explain because it is beyond the rational explanatory frame that we usually use to asses situations:

We think about a situation, about the many many factors that we believe need to be considered to make the decision of how to act, and then, based on this (alledgedly) rational evaluation of the situation, we act - at least that's the way we (think we) act when we really have lots of time to unpack a situation, but most of the time we absolutely do not think and act this way. 

But even in rational thought, intuition comes into play, as we cannot possibly decide rationally 

1.) how many factors need to be considerd

2.) which factors need to be considered

before we say "okay, now I've got an understanding comprehensive enough to be confident to act."

It's our intuition that tells us at the end of any  rational evaluation "enough thought, now act!", and so there must come a point at which we trust.

Intuition is the thing that tells you when you have considerd a situation long enough.

It is the leap of faith that we all take when we act without knowing, since no situation can be known fully.

It's direct guidance. 

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Intuition is all you need. For example, I just recently had experience with people who have cancer and was going to talk with them and so on. I was very worried that I was going to overthink the situation or start making them feel worse than they are feeling. I decided to just go with my intuition and came out very happy. I had to let go of worrying, focusing, being aware or w/e. Is just intuitively belonging regardless of the feared outcome. Not really thinking they are your family or your talking to your brother or w/e just intuitively belonging. From my experience intuition it cannot be pointed in experience or presence we can just talk about it.

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Great stuff. Thanks guys.


To me, it's like a pull in certain direction. I cannot really explain it. It just seems like the right way to go, for no real reason. It's both certain and uncertain at the same time. Often it's disguised as something risky. It comes without a safety net. The step it's calling me to make might as well be seen as a foolish mistakes, looking through a rational or logical lens. But the knowing within is stronger. It's beyond logic and rationality. It's like a whisper "from beyond".

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