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Can Someone Know You Better Than You Know Yourself?

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I would say yes and no.


Yes - 

I'm hungry and don't know what to eat, and someone who knows me well prepares me a meal I love. I didn't know I would love to eat that right now until it was present, although I still knew that I enjoyed the food.


No -

I don't have the correct words to express it now... I want to say it is self evident that you know yourself more than anyone possibly ever could, just due to the communication feedback loop... anything expressed or spoken goes through someone else's layers of interpretation, they never know EXACTLY what you mean but can get the gist 

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Yes. Some are more conscious and wise than I am. Some people know why I am suffering, why things are not working out for me and how I could be healed.


Some people know what I don't know, what I'm ignorant about. They know that I have not yet understood something.


Maybe because they know themselves and thus life and psyche better than I do. So they know what's going on within me and in my life, and how to fix it.


There must be an effortless way.

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Their concept, or what they see of you, is not really you, and never can be you, and believing that your own thought(s) of what they think is a true reflection or limitation of you, feels off. 


If you are believing a concept of yourself, mistaking it for you, sometimes others can readily see things about you will not allow yourself to see in your need to identify with this concept. Believe = identify. It seems that others can do this simply because... they do not identify as you and are often more plainly observing. When we resist parts of ourselves we reflect them and appear as them, like colors are the reflection of the wavelength of light rejected, not the reflection of the colors absorbed. 


You are beyond and unaffected by all concepts. 

 Youtube Channel  

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