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Since awakening I have a tension headache in my 3rd eye that won't go away

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Is it kundalini? It's directly where my 3rd eye is and it gets more strong when people are around or when I have to read or concentrate.


It's really making normal life impossible, I've become super antisocial, am unemployed.


Phil said in his matrix of maya video Neo saying "why do my eyes hurt" and Morpheus saying "you've never used them before", it kinda felt like this but it's been 6 months now, will these headaches eventually subside?


I love Phil's videos and so want to leave this all behind me and experience the dreamboard gains but it feels like I have no control over these headaches, I can't even enjoy socialising anymore because it gets more intense when I have to make eye contact. I hope it goes on it's own.

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@howisitsoactivehere How is your diet? Are you chronically dehydrated, how much salt and caffeine do you consume?


When you go to sleep, or are deeply relaxed, close your eyes and get very curious about what you "see". 


Relax. When you feel it, note to relax. Don't conceptualize kundalini or third eyes, awakening, past awakening, or how you think you are, or what you can't do anymore, just relax, feel and get curious. 

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7 hours ago, Nowt said:

If you're having headaches that have lasted for this length of time that are making your "normal life impossible" then you need to go and see a Doctor. 




At least rule out a physical cause. 


I had a friend who was going through a dark period. His guru said it was bad energy. Nope. It was Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever turns out. 


If there's no physical cause, then you have to be a detective. If it's worse reading, perhaps it could be eye strain. Does relaxing your eyes, lying down with your eyes closed help any? 

“If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.” ― The Buddha

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