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Getting into Reiki


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Hello folks!


After having read about it quite a bit here, I got interested in learning and utilizing Reiki. My first few Google attempts only raised more questions. I hope to find some clarity here. :classic_smile: 

Here we go:


Do I need to learn Reiki in some kind of institutions? What are levels about?

They talk about levels, only being able to draw 'higher' symbols when you reach some specific level, and so on. If I have to reach a level or join an institution in order to 'learn Reiki', that's a major turnoff for me. :classic_wacko:


What does drawing a Reiki symbol mean? How important is the accuracy of drawing it?

All I could find out about this is that there are different ways to draw. You can draw on a piece of paper, you can visualize it with your third eye, you can hover above someone else's body, and there are a bunch of more ways to go about it. But the exact how-to was still only vaguely described. I'm mainly interested in doing Reiki on myself, not on others.

So, how would you go about it if you want to utilize the symbols for yourself? How do you draw on yourself? Do you hover with your own hand above your body? Do you simply imagine the symbol on some parts of your body? Do you draw the symbol across your whole body, or only parts of it, such as the hand/belly/forehead/skullcap/left thigh, or both?


Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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I think that it's a path of least resistance thing, if the idea of levels and initiation doesn't resonate, you can practice intuitively. However if you want to practice with others who are also there to practice and, learn and connect, reiki classes are a fantastic place to do that. Most of the time spent in classes is an opportunity to practice, tune in (why it's called attunement) to what you really are. Even the attunements themselves are very meditative. 


The levels are just practically that in the first class you practice hands on and then spend a few months practicing that. Then you go back for the practice of distance reiki. It's not really about being someone who has achieved something. Reiki is just a flow, you are essentially just a straw. In practice it's about emptying rather an attaining, achieving. etc. 

 Youtube Channel  

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@Phil Nice, thanks!


@Mandy Thanks for the clarification! Funny enough, if I don't have to do it through initiations and classes.. I'm much more tempted to do so. 'Doing spirituality' with others used to be a no-go for me until I've had my first ice bath. We've done it as a group and the atmosphere and the energy of it all was amazing! Since then, I'm much more available for that - if I don't have to😂


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@Mandy @Phil


Update: Drawing Reiki symbols felt very familiar. I've done Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Ki so far. Once I start, I kinda can't stop drawing. 😄


The reason it felt familiar was that I was already drawing similarly on my own. I'll attach a picture. What I drew was meaningless to me, but it just felt good to draw the lines in this way. I've read that the purpose of drawing the Reiki symbols is to tune in to the energies 'behind' the symbols.

Perhaps I did some freestyle Reiki with my DIY symbols?! 🤣

Freestyle Reiki.jpg

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Update: The last four days, I always woke up 15 mins prior to my alarm. Been having trouble feeling refreshed in the morning since months. I'm also feeling much more aligned and comfortable in my skin.


Whether drawing symbols has to do something with this?

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@Lotus @Phil @Mandy Do you guys think this Reiki or energetic healing stuff can be directed on immaterial objects, or even places?


Me and my girlfriend were thinking about going around our city, visiting every playground, just for fun.


I started thinking that it would be interesting to kinda do some sort of blessing for each playground. For the kids and their families, for anyone using the parks. Eventually this would create a whole ass blessing grid around the city.


We are also going for an interrail trip across europe next summer. Maybe we could do the same thing for each city we visit, spreading across the entire continent. 🤔


There must be an effortless way.

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Sorry, already did/tried that "distance transmission" prior to asking. 😁


The question was more so aimed at the how. How would you go about it, technique-wise/approach-wise, if you wanted to try whether it works or not. I mean, I already tried by simply visualizing the symbol on her arm and shoulder, but I don't know if that's the proper way to do it. All I can tell is that my intention is sincere, but I don't know if my technique is equally "sincere"/proper.


18 minutes ago, Phil said:

Is there more than one way to find out?


Way 1) Just do it (my go-to way of going about things)

Way 2) Ask seemingly knowledgeable people (forum/reiki class/whatnot)

Way 3) Let the universe surprise you


17 minutes ago, Phil said:

Start with just a mustard seed. 🙂

Umm is that a saying or something like that? What mustard seed? 😂

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