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My Guidance°°°Placa de viziune and Progress Record


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                             Placa de viziune


I think everyone should maintain a Dream Board or Action Board, or a  Guidance Board. Like Phil has a dream board. 

Time to do the same. 

This is how my vision board looks. 




86rxu5.gifStructure of Morality and Primal Instinct. Static Component.


86rxu5.gifBalance of two forces. Masculine and Feminine integration 


86rxu5.gifLight Rohaniyat and Dark Rohaniyat (Rohaniyat means spiritual sense) 

86ry3i.gif light triad and Dark triad 


86rxu5.gif obligation 


86ry3i.gif Karma 




86ry3i.gifHarmony and Wholeness. Fulfillment. 


86ry3i.gif wisdom 


86ry3i.gif Logic and Rationale 






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I can imagine in my dreams and visions that I'm being comforted. I'm tired. Yet rejuvenated. I'm being told that here and the now are in the context of the future. 


Since I'm the inner child, I will call myself Baby. 


Baby, put yourself to rest. You worked so hard. You need bliss. You lack basic happiness and the world will not be enough to fill that hole. 


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I tried to navigate the world in whatever way I could. To get a grasp of what the world looks like. The world of concepts and theories of life and living, of love. 


I tried the best to align my life to the universe. 

These days I'm interested in learning Romanian. Interesting language. 



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17 minutes ago, Reena said:

Also focus on consumption. 

Not just expression and expansion and curiosity. 

Consumption as well. 

Sometimes ask questions like a child because it opens the brain for further contemplation. 

But sometimes it's good to be silent in a corner and consuming the world of knowledge and being still and just learning and growing in other ways... 


Sharpen your debate skills lol. 

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If you're going to deal with the devil, the devil is gonna screw you. So just don't deal with the devil. But for that, first you need to recognize who the Devil is. 

When you have a devil as your master, you simply obey till you find greener pastures 

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In his own words - "one of the rules I had in my marriage, and it was a rule that my wife also was pleased to follow was that if we have a problem we're gonna deal with it right now and we're going to deal with it right to the bottom and that's very unpleasant but if you do it, sometimes you only  have to do it  once and the problem goes away, and then you don't have that bloody problem everyday for the rest of your life, and sometimes it takes you know 20 times before it's fixed, before you got to the bottom of things. And that can be very unpleasant. "

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The biggest question is -

What did you do to work on yourself? 


What did I do to work on myself? 


And every day is an opportunity to work on myself. To be a better person. To drag myself out of my problems. To motivate myself to get what I want. To free myself of distractions. To find love. 


Your heart is the center of the universe. Your heart is the center of your life. 


Your heart is your vision.. Your heart is love in its purest form 


Love your own heart. 



Love my own heart. 



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The biggest part of Masculinity and Masculine Integration is that it has courage, authority, holding you accountable along with ownership and discipline and boldness, openness, transparency, and extreme maturity. 

I think masculinity will be deeply lacking without maturity 



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