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What Is Ignorance?


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@Phil easy question . Ignorance is simply a lack of knowing about something. An Ignorant person is Someone who refuses to question their preconceptions.

knowing and understanding are certainly possible. For example you understand how to drive your car. But surely you don't understand how it works from  the inside (the mechanism behind which the car works ).

understanding and Ignorance can overlap when there is unwillingness to learn. Like  Something you don't know ,..yet you feel confident to ramble about it. 

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7 minutes ago, Phil said:

Who or what is lacking, and is this who or what directly experienced or an assumption?

It's directly experienced and it's YOU who's lacking. 

I've spent years reading and researching nondual material yet I was never convinced of the Buddhist concept of no self.  I'm still not sure why it's a common teaching in spirituality today that is directed to western audiences that  have that core teaching that the "you " or the self is illusory . Perhaps it's  a lack of understanding from my part but I certainly know that I exist. 

My  view is simply that There is no 'self' separate from the body or inside the body.. But rather its an emergent phenomenon of the body.

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1 minute ago, Phil said:

@Someone here
What does lack look like?

What size is lack?

What shape, what color?

Sounds like a question for a philosopher🙂

If you earn a certain amount of money 💰..then you lose it by some theif...that's what lack is . Its silly to ask about its physical attributes because it's not a physical object. It's an abstract thing .


Also.. how to tell the difference between thoughts and perception(becauseI know you are alluding to )? 

situation: (A) "I perceive my thoughts and feelings", versus (B) "I am my thoughts and feelings"?

What scientific experiment could one do to separate these two possibilities? 

The self doesn't exist inside the body as a separate entity. Rather it's like a software running on a hardware.

And lack doesn't exist as a physical object. But as an abstract thing 


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1 hour ago, Phil said:

@Someone here

So there is the thought that there is lack, but lack is never actually seen (‘in’ perception), yes?

Not quite . The thought "lack " labels perception.  So if you are in poverty..  The thought lack arises corresponding to your lived situation.  If you are wealthy ..then that thought doesn't arise .

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