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What Is Understanding?

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Does a rock have understanding? Probably not. Understanding seems to have something to do with life (at least as far as we can reasonably conclude based on our sensory experiences and rationality in our current sober state). Does a cat have understanding? It certainly knows how to catch mice, and it probably experiences how it's like to catch mice. Does it therefore understand how to catch mice? Is understanding just the experience of having a limited first-person perspective on the world, or is it a conceptual understanding of thoughts and symbols? Maybe it can be both.

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Understanding is the ability to adapt to an ever changing scenario evolving frings about living in series parallel time of cycles spontaneously present simultaneously proportionately here one ata time.


Something I thought up since my last post that are a constant behavioral pattern in human nature throughout history repeating itself every generation gaps lived to living here now.  I understand this been trained to rationalize my time to fit into possibilities of better tomorrows in a body never same total sum achieved as currently ada[pting to the moment here.


"Rational minds are only open to possibilities real isn't real.".  "A personal brain arrived the nucleus of its body's fertilized cell.". It is what gives each ancestor of any species a personal point of view adapting as part of the whole process done here now.


I learned anyone I say this to, gets mad as hell on me.  Even punish me for bringing it up. That ridiculing thing to start. Shunning comes second, exile third, haven't received the 4th, eliminated.

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On 3/13/2023 at 3:50 PM, Phil said:

What is misunderstanding?

That one is probably more on the level of thought and symbols, but it's not just one thought. It's a story, and it also has to be embedded in a context of linguistic communication, of sharing stories, or else you wouldn't be able to know that it's indeed a mis-understanding.


A misunderstanding is a misrepresentation of somebody's story — an error in reproducing the sequence of thoughts that creates the story — and somebody has to tell you that it was a misunderstanding (or you would have to tell yourself, your meta-cognitive self), or else you wouldn't know that it was indeed a misunderstanding. You would think you had the real thing, because that was your actual understanding at that moment. Ideally, you shouldn't just be told that your current understanding is a misunderstanding, but you need to change your understanding in a way that maps on to an explanation (communicated from another person or from yourself) in order to understand what the misunderstanding really was 😂


The pre-symbolic experiential equivalent of misunderstanding would be a misperception or an illusion, i.e. misrepresenting some perception (like seeing an object on the ground from a distance and not seeing what it was before coming close to it). Of course, as a meta-cognitive human, you would represent that experience to yourself by talking to yourself (telling yourself a story): "ah, it was a broken bag of potato chips. I didn't understand what it was before I walked closer to it", and hence you would invoke the concept of understanding in that process, but of course, the shiny amorphous piece of aluminium on the ground didn't change its shape just because you told yourself a story about it. It changed because of a subtler level of mental processing kicking in (top-down processes of object perception).

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Understanding is serenity of knowing what one can do and what living proportionately alive never does naturally timing active reproductions apart here.  Personal responsibility is to stay within the balancing total sum never duplicated as before, forward here 

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add context to clarify life's specificity to evolving forward now.
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