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How much spiritual "education" is "necessary"?

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When i started my journey i was collecting a huge pile of books from all different kinds of teachers, but as time has passed i realized that not a lot is necessary to be a happy flourishing human being. It easily ends up becoming too much mind. 

Do you people read a lot or what is your relationship to this?


I have some people who i resonate with in a certain period, Vernon Howard right now.



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Imo, when it comes to the path, it all comes down to following your intuition. 


In trusting intuition, the right teachers and books come up, I don't think there's such thing as a one size fits all path. 


People have self realized having never formally meditated, people have self realized after years of formal meditation, people have self realized from curious contemplation, people have self realized just from playfully investigating the Self. 


If reading books pops a lot of bubbles for you right now on the path, I think it's fine. 


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I just do what I feel like. I really really love books though. I read almost nothing in the summers and spend a lot of time outdoors, but in the colder months I'll read a lot more. I think that people often just do "mindless" entertainment out of habit without really enjoying it, and reading a good book can be much more intentional and rewarding than scrolling social media or watching TV shows that you aren't really thrilled about, just out of habit. At first picking up "I Am That" instead seems really boring to our judgment, but is usually a lot more satisfying. I don't believe in reading books because of an idea that you're bettering yourself, or because you *should*, that's the best recipe to just gloss over and not really engage with the content. 

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On 11/15/2022 at 8:44 AM, WhiteOwl said:

It easily ends up becoming too much mind. 

I very much agree. I would go so far as to suggest anyone pause any spiritual book or video ten seconds in, and notice it’s just thoughts, perception and sensation… and inspect reality directly, and write what’s wanted on the dreamboard. Try as we may, by the end of an hour to hour and a half video, concepts are ‘acquired’, and that thoughts are only apparent is missed. 


Also brings to mind how easily the door can be opened to subtle (and sometimes very obvious) manipulation. ‘Back to yourself’ vs ‘I have knowledge or products you need’ ‘teachings’. 


Generally speaking… 

I’d favor cleaning diet up and contemplating, in a scientific inspective, investigative manor, why and how it feels better. 

Exercising, and contemplating exactly where this ‘better’ feeling (“endorphins, etc”) is coming from. 

Doing random acts of kindness, and pondering why it feels as it does. 


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I don't think anyone can answer this for you.  When you can answer this for yourself that's the only way you'll ever know.  I'll give you my opinion.  I've read a lot and studied a lot.  That obviously had some cash value on my growth.  But in the last several years I've found that people often tell you what they want not who they are in their artworks.  Books are artworks.  I'm more interested in the person's life who wrote the book than their artworks.  I have discovered some golden nuggets through people's artworks that have been hugely influential to me, but lots of fluff too.  Right now on my path I read little but I'm days away from being 45 years old.  I pretty much read throughout my 20's and 30's.  So, there's no easy answer.  Ideas inform being and being informs ideas.  They go together -- they work together.  

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