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Affinity Caffeine Experiment

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I'll explain after the results, if you guys answer honestly, we may come to a breakthrough regarding people's Affinity for Caffeine.


I get error messages when trying to make a poll so I'm doing it through here.


Please answer these 2 questions honestly (self honesty is important for this):


1. Do your eyes burn when your sweat gets in them?


2. Are you able to drink coffee/caffeine daily without any side effects? (Less sleep, anxiety, jitteriness, overthinking, gut inflammation/discomfort, etc.)

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Thanks for the responses, after watching a YouTube video and also listening to my body, I have a theory that people with more acidic bodies don't tolerate caffeine as well as people who have less acidic bodies.


So if sweat doesn't burn your eyes it indicates your body is naturally less acidic, my sweat burns my eyes. 


Out of the 3 responses so far, the people who said sweat doesn't burn their eyes also said they can enjoy caffeine without any side effects. 


I'm waiting for more people to give their experiences. 


For me when I drink coffee daily my gut feels uncomfortable and I'm not able to digest food very well, there's also increased anxiety too. 


Again, it's all about your Affinity to caffeine, some people can tolerate it no problem, and others don't. 


My great grandfather lived until 103 years old and he had coffee most of his life.


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I think a lot of people think caffeine stimulates as in wakes you up. But it seems like it just makes you feel like you’re not sleepy. So if one is really trying to grok the wakefulness one is, caffeine might not be conducive if one believes one is awake but is actually sleeping & dreaming there is caffeine. Idk. 

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