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Appreciating Muscle Memory

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I've come to appreciate muscle memory more and more lately. Sometimes it can be really tedious, especially when you want to let go of behavioral patterns, but at other times, it's simply fascinating.


When I'm playing the piano, I often forget which notes to play (I really rely on sheet music and chords when it comes to playing songs). When I think about which notes to play for a certain song, then only a vague image pops up in my head. I can't really remember by thinking about it. But when I just start to play, and do some trial and error, my body starts to remember - and I'm nailing the performance. As soon as I start thinking about what notes to play, thus interrupting with the muscle memory/intelligence process, I screw it up. 😂


Our bodies are pretty damn intelligent. I bet it's wise to listen to them.

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Yes its incredible. I have read a book called Zen Body-Being by Peter Ralston like 4-5 times, which goes in depth with increasing feeling-awareness as the means to physical skill. You have to consciously feel in order to change (to get muscle memory), like fx, its hard to relax your shoulder if you haven't actually ever felt the feeling of it. I was very surprised how little of my body-parts felt before i put some focus on it, and my movements in Jiu Jitsu became a lot more effortless from it. You need to feel to save it into muscle memory and its damn amazing 😄 - Its not in the movements but in the feeling, thats where the magic happens.

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