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If there's no separate self / no free will then how can LOA work?

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20 hours ago, howisitsoactivehere said:

I'm confused, if there's nobody here then there's nobody who could choose to be happy, there's nobody who could choose to write something on a dreamboard, there's nobody to choose their desires. I'm so confused! Surely whatever happening is what's happening, and nobody can change that.

Yet there seems to be one, the one confused. That one can create a dreamboard. That one can realize desires are already within, ready to be manifested. That one can be unobscured. That one is attracting this one, which is sharing this with that one right now.



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@howisitsoactivehere Let's put it this way. "No thought" is not a thought about a pink elephant. A thought that is trying to ban pink elephants from existence is a thought about pink elephants. A thought about banning pink elephants could masquerade as a thought about no pink elephants, yet is actually about pink elephants. No thought is already free of pink elephants.  


Free will. 





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13 minutes ago, Mandy said:

Ok, so there are not two distinct possibilities, that this IS free will or that there is not free will. 


I cannot tell you that I am not thinking about or believing in pink elephants without the irony of mentioning pink elephants. 

I don't have free will, I am free will? I am free to appear as anything. 


I can see how saying "I'm not thinking about free will" is ironic. Not sure about "I don't believe in free will".

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Ultimately, there is only God's will (Isvara), however you can only know God's will after exerting "your" apparent will.  

You're a thought. Do you think a thought is going to occupy 'no thought'.

The 'changeless' can be realized only when the 
ever-changing thought-flow stops.

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LOA is simply "remove the inner resistance to what you would like to manifest."


Why is there inner resistance? Because of unintegrated aspects of the psyche which are in conflict.   You may consciously want something, but your unconscious is against it.  


So you need to get the unconscious onboard.

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On 6/16/2022 at 6:21 PM, howisitsoactivehere said:

@Mandy So you'd disagree with the radical non-dualists like tony parsons / Jim newman who straight up say there's no free will?


I would steer as far clear from these kind of teachers as possible, imo, especially when going through confusion. 


The best way I heard it explained is anything with 'No' or a negative infront of it cannot be the final truth. (No-Self, No-Free-Will, No-Body There etc) 


While Neti-Neti and the 'Inward' path are key realizations, the fun really begins with a more tantric approach and actually living the teaching and your awakening. 


In terms of LOA / Conscious Creation, think of it like this: 


Yes, there is no separate self manifesting, instead you are THE SELF, manifesting FROM LOVE, happiness, joy etc and therefore have the unlimited power to create & attract whatever the F you want for the joy of experiencing it and to express Happiness, love, beauty etc. 


all of this is of course done through your Human character, one being may love living by the beach and that's what aligns, one may want a huge family, one may want to become an athlete, one may want to travel the world and experience every culture out there. Don't limit yourself and let yourself go wild with it, its your life after all and you are the creator. 


All the 'practices' like Gratitude, Journaling, Scripting are simply there to help you feel amazing now, and begin the process of aligning with the Universe and letting yourself know what you truly want.


All the best LOA teachers say that it all starts now, you feel happy now, you feel love now, not only when that partner arrives, and by feeling those emotions and aligning yourself like that more & more of what you want will make its way to you. 


Just have fun and follow what feels good, its the best decision 'you' will ever make for yourself!

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On 6/16/2022 at 8:59 PM, Phil said:


Type “no free will”… and type “free will”… and then question how those fingers are moving without choosing or being instructed. 

It‘s sorta kinda both. Neither free will nor no free will is prior to being. Because being is one, and free will/no free will is two, the dual mind sees paradox. But that‘s just an explanation which I have no clue about. 

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