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The Entire Emotional Scale Translated from my Experience


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Hello all, thought this would be incredibly helpful for anyone new to using the emotional scale. 


First i'll mention some things about the scale in general:


- At first it may seem the scale is another Model that you have to follow, it is actually the opposite, the scale is pointing to what you already are, which is pure feeling vibrating at different speeds. At first it will seem like you are "following along" with the emotional scale, eventually with enough attention to feeling, it may be realized that there is no "following along", you will be able to focus on feeling at such a point where you will intuitively understand what youre feeling without using the scale. 


-There are no higher/lower emotions, although the scale makes it seem like there are, there are only emotions, and the scale is organized from the most relieving/lightweight emotion down to the most discordant/dense emotions. 


-How you feel is not a judgement about you, if theres hatred being felt, it has nothing to do with "you", hatred is hatred and has nothing to do with anyone, even if thoughts may imply that they do. 


-When using the scale, feel the relief little by little, if you pay attention youll feel dense sensation in the body, as you move up there will be a "lighter" feeling each way.


-Expressing Emotion is NOT an excuse to blow up on people, hurt others, etc. 


Okay lets start (this may take a while 😶).




Completely fucked, cant get out of bed, brush your teeth, etc. Pretty much depression, in this emotion discordant thoughts have been so heavily focused on that all you can see is darkness, despair, no chance of "being saved". This is the point in which suicidal ideation can occur, it can really seem tough to get your life together. There can be a sense of paranoia, feeling like anyone can hurt you because of how vulnerable you are. This vulnerability can be felt by others and some people may take advantage of it, this is the underlying cause for most abusive relationships.


In this emotion, there may be a constant pressure to "get your shit together" as quickly as possible, this intense pressure on oneself increases the discord. Imagine laying in bed hopeless with the nagging voice "I need to get my shit together, come on!".


While this emotion is being felt, express it by acknowledging where youre at, feel the immense "density" felt, the tightness in the chest. Just feel it. Then start singing a sad song, listen to some sad music, begin to feel the teeny bit of relief of creating your "sad story", point out all your insecurities, express the thought stories of how unworthy you are, how you just cant get it right, feel the tiny bit of relief in this, get dramatic if you have to!




Feeling how good it is to be a victim yet!? May sound shocking, but many people actually enjoy staying at this emotion, I myself have enjoyed it in the past, and hope youre feeling the (slight) relief of it too. 


When this emotion is felt, you can move around, kinda "effort" your way into doing the bare necessities of life, life seems hard (although you may say it "feels" hard, how sneaky!).


While the last emotional state we can say was the "Zombified" state, this ones more like the Victim-Mentality state.


Start to feel relief by "looking out" into what other people have, yes! Be jealous! Look at all the stuff other people have!


Enough being an asshole to yourself, start bringing people into the equation 😈. I mean come on, they have the money, looks, power, influence, you see how good their lives are on instagram!?


While it may seem like a "Dick Move" to start bringing people into the equation, the secret relief in this is now letting the emotional energy start to pour out, this "pouring out" manifests in thoughts about others "outside" of "yourself".




Youre jealous, seeing all the stuff people have, the looks, money, possessions, etc. You want it all! Wait a second... you want something?!


Congrats, in this emotion youre beginning to express that there is some stuff you want, this is the beginning of Conscious Creation, if only those people out there didnt have it already!


When feeling jealousy and allowing it to express itself, a feeling akin to a huge burning flame begins, theres a feeling of intensity. 


"Those people have what I want and I dont have it!" 


To find relief, let the "Flame" explode and burn intensely, feel this flame getting you "off your ass" and at least doing things in the world, even though its fueled by this intense energy. 


This energy is....HATRED/RAGE!!




The energy is intense, youre doing things in the world, no longer a victim, just a blindly angry person moving through the world. 


If you pay attention, you may notice some people in the self help space operating from this emotion, those "Get tf outta my way im gonna fight till the last breath!" types. 


Intense selfishness/pride occurs in this emotion, the power is so intense that it feels very empowering compared to insecurity/guilt so theres some relief going on. But in this state people may be offput by your Hatred and will feel it. 


Kinda like when you see a really bitter person whose snapping at everyone, while that person may feel some empowerment, you may be able to tell that they are just in pain. 


Feel the twisted empowerment of this hatred, this is pretty much the dark side of the force 😁. From this point you can start accomplishing things and some may even be impressed (only because they are vibrating on the lower end of the scale and will see you as if youve reached the "peak"). 


To feel relief, start to focus on those whove hurt you, those whove wronged you. Continue letting the energy pour itself out as you focus on the people who wounded you. 


Start to express your need for vengeance! (Again, dont actually hurt anyone or blow up on anyone, only express through writing, venting to a friend, etc.).




At this point youre no longer burning with hatred but still pretty bitter and vengeful. The "flame" still burns although not as intensely. 


At this point vengeance will be expressed, arguments with people may arise in thoughts, you may think of ways to "win the argument" or "come out on top". 


You may start to see the flimsiness of seeking vengeance. As you runthrough all the scenarios of taking revenge in your head, you may begin to see that the result is always more pain and that maybe people will take revenge back on you....so is it really worth it!?


To feel relief, let go of the need to "come out on top" or be right. Feel the "flames of anger" begin to die out. 




Your inner "flame" has completely died off. You have no flame anymore, now you feel discouraged. 


The dark side of the force has left you, now again you feel powerless. But this is not the same powerlessness as the 1st emotion on the scale, this is a more "peaceful" feeling of powerlessness....discouragement!


Just sitting down having "accepted your defeat", the flames of anger/revenge have left and now youre just feeling bland and discouraged. 


Although the "flame" has died, you may begin to notice the peace of "stopping the war" and just basking in your defeat. 


Now you can sit and watch the fields, birds, trees, etc. and just feel that sense of defeat, feel the relief of it. 


While you could not come on top or be right in the argument, you can see the secret peace in letting go of the battle altogether, you are now a more peaceful human being. 


Ive seen some old people who lived their whole lives under the "dark side" (just a joke, doesnt imply theyre evil lol!), and in the end they move up to discouragement, may seem sad, but this is beautiful for them, they have accepted they cant win and now they feel the peace of no more wars!


To feel relief, just blame people, blame whoever put you in this situation, blame yourself, blame anything that comes to mind. 




Blame, blame, blame. (Doesnt the word start looking more weird the more you read it?)


Just blame everything, keep blaming, this is the "emptying out" of keeping people in the equation. This is the stage in which holding others accountable for how you feel begins to die off completely!


To feel relief, notice that theres so much stuff you gotta keep in check, so many things to...WORRY about!


Start noticing as the blaming empties itself out, that worry takes its place. 




This is the beginning of seeing the "engine" of discord. 


The very motor of discord, begins to be seen in worry. 


Feel the Shakiness of worry, it feels shaky, intense, like the revving of an engine, or like a beehive filled with so many bees that its shaking around intensely. 


The discordant thoughts about all the stuff thats worrying is all over the place, shaking, uncomfortable, yet far more relieving than the sting of discouragement. 


Worry is what is felt when discordant thoughts are focused on to the point where the source is almost trying to shake it all off you. 


So, to feel relief, let the source "shake off" all the worries. Just acknowledge youre worrying on stuff, feel it. 


Begin to take a firm stance and at least take control of this buzzing beehive, put your foot down firmly and begin to express doubt!




Doubt is like worrys older brother. 


Doubt is like the confident version of worry. The "shakiness" of discordant thinking is felt, but now theres a sense of confidence building. 


"In a world of uncertainty and shakiness, I DOUBT all of this, haha! I am the ultimate skeptic! You cannot fool me! I have the high ground!"


To feel relief, express the doubt and feel the confidence building up, you DO have a place in the world, your doubt/skepticism shows you that at least you have an opinion in this uncertain world! You have a voice!


Begin to "look down" on all the discord as if youre above it, start to express that youre disappointed with it all. 




Dissapointment is the oldest brother in the family, first was worry, then doubt, now disappointment watches them all with....disappointment...lol. 


You will feel more confidence building up as you look down upon your discordant thinking, life situation, etc. with disappointment.


Pretty straight forward, youre just disappointed at the whole damn thing, "it didnt meet my expectations, 2/10".


To feel relief, use this new found confidence to take a brave "step forward" and begin to inspect the "engine" of discord. 


Observe the engine rotating, shaking, you can do it!


Notice that the engine is holding so much discord...seems overwhelming doesnt it? 😉




Congrats, youve made it to overwhelment, the very engine of discord itself, this is the mega container of all the discordant thinking, it built up over some time, and now the engine is stuffed to the point where its...overwhelmed. 


Youll feel so much relief/confidence building up as now youre finally seeing the beehive of overwhelment, buzzing all over the place, you KNOW its true now, you can be SURE that this is the source! 


The relief from overwhelment is easy, do not be fooled by all the apparent "craziness" of overwhelment. 


Simply start taking deep breaths, and acknowledge that you CAN take it one step at a time, just one breath at a time, one step at a time! 


Whatever thoughts of overwhelment come up, let them go and focus on breathing deeply instead, let the "engine" cool down. 


As the engine "cools down", start to notice the relief felt, gone is the need to get all that shit resolved! Now you know its all about taking it one step at a time, you begin getting a glimpse into Presence!


As the engine of overwhelment cools down, it will still be operating, but much slower, the bees will still be buzzing, but not as intensely as before, while it was incredibly overwhelming just a second ago, now its....frustrating, annoying, irritating. 




The engine of discord still moves, now much slower after having began breathing deep and focusing on breathing. Now what youre looking at is the very beginning of the "shakiness" of discord. 


Acknowledge the shakiness, let it die off, keep breathing deep, let the engine shut down gently. 


As the engine turns off and cools down completely, now we're gonna empty out the "gas" of discord. 


To feel relief, inspect the very source of this "shakiness", the very source of this discord... acknowledge that it started off with a thought that didnt feel good. We can say the thought was negative or even better.....pessimistic!




Where frustration was the very beginning of the shakiness of discord, Pessimism is the very beginning of discord itself. 


Can you believe it?! All it took was blowing one pessimistic thought out of proportion to spiral down into suffering lol. 


We begin to taste a deeper peace than the peace felt during discouragement and Frustration in Pessimism. 


Whereas frustration was a whole beehive that settled down, now you just got one bee buzzing around you (Bee = Discordant thought). Notice that its just one pessimistic thought that led to all this "spiraling down" and that all it takes is letting go of one pessimistic thought at a time, as they arise. 


Take deep breaths as the "bee" continues buzzing around you, trust that focus on feeling/perception/sensation is all you need. 




In the beehive analogy, now the bee is no longer buzzing around you but just resting on your shoulder. 


The pessimistic thoughts have passed on, and now theres only a tiny percentage of discord left, like 0.1%. 


The nagging sense that you can do so much with your life yet for some reason your feeling bored/bland/meh is that last 0.1%. 


This is the "little bee" resting on your shoulder. 


You know that to get the bee off you cant just swipe at it, as itll only make the bee defensive and start buzzing again (Cant solve boredom with pessimistic thoughts!). 


Right now, the deep depression once felt is long gone, now youre like a blank slate, just "meh". 


To feel relief, continue focusing on feeling/perception/sensation. Continue taking deep breaths. 


Trust that by sitting calmly, that by being tranquil, the bee will eventually get up and fly away into the wilderness. 




Ah 😌.


After sitting meditatively, the bee has gotten up and flown away. Now its just you, resting, trusting, relaxing more and more into feeling/perception/sensation. 


Now you have had DIRECT experience of the power of focusing on feeling/perception/sensation. Now you know for sure that the cure to discord is simply focusing on feeling/perception/sensation. 


Just seeing this, directly experiencing it, is amazing on its own. Now you are experiencing the fruits of having had faith in feeling/perception/sensation, and youre actually living it. 


Contentment is the very beginning of the momentum shifting to bliss instead of discord. 


Continue feeling/perceiving, focusing on sensation. Let the "gravity" of bliss continue grounding you. Literally focus on gravity, feel it!


Out of this peacefulness, thought no longer feels "forced" but rather arises out of this peace effortlessly, the thoughts now begin to reflect the goodness that is remembered and it all starts with hopefulness!




"Hey...maybe I can do this!".


Hopefulness is the beginning of the Source pulling you in deeper, you are the source, youve been searching for yourself, and the discord you felt told you you were far from yourself, the inspection of the discord felt was you following the "breadcrumbs" back to yourself. 


Thoughts begin to arise naturally/effortlessly, and feel much lighter than before. You start to open up effortlessly to the possibility that everything can go well for you, everything is okay, and is going to be okay. 


Continue feeling the pull of Source (You), by enjoying the thoughts that arise, and focusing on feeling/perception/sensation. 


Feel how much easier it is for good-feeling thoughts to arise. Notice that everything is getting easier/lighter. 


This is the last bread crumb to the source. The next four emotions on the scale after this are the result of being "plugged into the Source", and as a result of the momentum building up, the movement between each of these emotions can become so fast that it isnt even worth getting deeper into them, as by this point you will KNOW to trust the Source (You) and you will naturally follow the bliss. 


Just so you are aware here are the last 4 emotions: 


Positive Expectation/Belief/Optimism








At this point for these 4 emotions, feeling is trusted so deeply that it becomes like an alien language that no one can understand through words, you will naturally/intuitively know how to move through them and express each one!


I hope this helped you guys! Took some time to put it together but I felt so inspired!


You can learn how emotions work, trust the process! 


Eventually you will understand emotion at an intuitive level, and will trust yourself to express as needed!


Love you all 💞



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@Orb Not what I meant really. I meant that you might envy someone's great life and how cool he is and how everything is working out for him and experience Jealousy. Then by letting go you experience Rage, this 'fire' that explodes and feel empowered. As you see I laid out concepts - read what I wrote without the words Jealousy and Rage (so that the sentence still makes sense though lol). Now what you get is closer to how you really experience things, but if to go even further you can also see how 'envy', 'great life', 'everything working out', 'fire', 'empowered' are concepts as well. And if you let go of those beliefs then it seems like there is only one emotion that is ever present, and on top of that you create distinctions of emotions. I believe emotions are great pointers to ways you view your experience, but in direct experience, it seems as though there are no emotions. In direct experience no concept exists.

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@fopylo oh I see yea. The concept doesn't have to arise, but what it points to can be operating still. 


Also we can say there is only Love, and Love feels like everything, including alignment :). 


Why desire the good feeling of alignment when it's all love anyway? Idk, just feels good! 


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11 hours ago, Orb said:

Why desire the good feeling of alignment when it's all love anyway? Idk, just feels good!

I guess you could say that the less distinctions you make and connect more to direct experience, the more Joy/Love/Freedom (as a pointer) you experience.

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