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Everyone is Enlightened 😇


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Everyone speaks the truth whether they are aware of it or not. 


Been tough to let this one fully integrate as it's just unveiled itself. 


How can I meet other people with such different views and keep that awareness that they are the truth speaking truth? 


I feel the answer.


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Whatever you want/focus on without resistance you become. "The light within me recognizes the light within you." Recognizes... is... becomes. 


What is truth? Is truth the current state of affairs? Is truth the current judgement of the observation? Or is truth a knowing/potential beyond that? 

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If one is going to use language in that manner, I think it's also healthy to say everyone is not enlightened.  We can do this: everyone is enlightened and everyone is not enlightened.  It's that giving and taking away of both sides of the binary or duality -- that's just as useful as giving one end of the duality to the exclusion of the other end.  There's an interplay between dualities that can be inhabited and then transcended (this is called a rupture of the duality).  It's not just bestowing one side of a duality (or monality) to the exclusion to the other, i.e., everyone is enlightened OR everyone is not enlightened.  Everyone is (this is a word too); however, whatever language is -- it's something entirely different from what language points to (also knows as the referent/reference of language).  "Is" is a form of the verb "to be", but whatever "is" points to in "Everyone is" is its referent/reference.  Reference has to do with metaphysics.  Language has to do with syntax and semantics/meaning.  The question of truth is how does semantics/meaning connect up with reference/whatever the language is pointing to in "reality".  When we say "Everyone is enlightened" what we're doing is this "Enlightened, everyone".  In this case "enlightened" is a noun modifying a pronoun which is made grammatical by inserting the linking verb "is" in between them.  

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If we're already enlightened, like the sutras say, then why do we suffer still? Why do we need to practice?


This is the question that inspired Dogen to go to China and search out the answer. 


I like Seung Sahn's Zen Circle:




We see @Mandy is pointing out 270 Attachment to Freedom. This is 2+2=5. Valleys are Mountains, Mountains are Valleys. Some people like Jim Newman orArianna Reflects teach at 180, attachment to Emptiness. 




“If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.” ― The Buddha

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1 hour ago, DMT Elf said:


I read that thread and saw that it was you who brought up the giraffe, not Phil. My bad. But I'm not your giraffe either. I'm my own independent giraffe. 

Ok, got it, you're your own independent giraffe. But I got you to admit that you're a giraffe. Congrats,  you're now giraffe realized. 

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No, not everyone is.  Some people like... live through their ego.

They may be well meaning, but no enlightened.

Not everybody speaks the truth.  They speak THEIR truth, but not THE Truth,

There is a difference... where did you pick this up from that everyone was enlighened and speaks the truth, this doesn't sound like something that was thought through completely, but speaks like, "I just wanted to post something, so here's a thing everyone has heard before that isn't entirely accurate, although you "could" say it's true, but are you at the ability to describe why it is true?"

By true comes from self reflection, and people's behaviour tells me that, no, some people are not enlightened - there has to be something put in place to decide what that is - murderers, rapists, ect - no they aren't.  If they were, universal Love would come through, and bad actions would have karmic consequences.  Which they do.

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