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Karma & Conditioning

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In Busting Loose From The Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld he presents quite an interesting "pointer" on conditioning / karma.


Basically, he says that The Human Game, our experience, or "life" so to speak, is divided into two phases.


Our life, or experience, is created similarly as a hologram "movie": there is light that shoots through a film and creates an illusory movie. The light & the film could be called "our expanded self".


Phase 1 of the human game is conditioning. It begins "when we are born". The entire point of Phase 1 is that our expanded self creates a holographic experience of the "opposite" of who we truly are as infinity and unconditional love; we experience limit, conditional love, need, lack etc etc. Our expanded self does everything in it's power to delude us into taking the hologram of illusory limits as reality.


Phase 2 is when our expanded self begins to bit by bit open us back to who we truly are. We gain back our power from the illusory limits, lack and conditions. "Bursting bubbles".


One thing I really love about this "pointer" is that the setbacks and "failures" we experience in life are not because we are not good or cabable enough. It is not because we are lacking something. It's because in Phase 1 life is not supposed to "work". It's designed to delude and keep us sleeping so to speak. That takes some blaming out of it.




There must be an effortless way.

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I think there's good karma and then bad karma. Both have their consequences. I don't think we are ever free from it. 

So basically I'm an autistic INFJ BPD sigma Pisces female with anger and CPTSD issues. Wow wow. 

My plate looks full. I Couldn't have been weirder than that. Now I get why I'm so idiosyncratic. 

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It seems like karma and conditioning can seem to take years to disappear. Sometimes, karma and conditioning can begin to disappear very quickly or just vanish. It seems very arbitrary as well. Meaning there’s no apparent reason it suddenly disappears after years of dealing with it.


In fact the dealing with it probably keeps it around. In the end it doesn’t seem like conditioning is overcome, instead it seems like it’s forgotten about.

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