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Afterglow of psychedelics. How to feel like that all the time?


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So i've had a few mushroom trips where my vibration really seems to clear and rise (i have to say something, thats how i would describe it), where i show up feeling so great and centered afterwards. Then it always ends at some point and it seems i am in the same place. What is it about tripping that clears you and is it possible to feel like that without psychedelics. I guess it is, i just aint sure how.

Thoughts like wanting to trip before doing things come to mind but thats not sunstainable.


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5 hours ago, Phil said:

When you watch a movie the belief that you are inside of the movie doesn’t arise.

It’s obviously a self-illuminating screen. 

No “thing inside of a movie” clears the screen… which is being the movie. 

Because there are no “things” inside of a movie. 

It makes sense. Is it even possible to clear the screen then? How do you change the movie. Do "i" even want to change the movie

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32 minutes ago, Phil said:
1 hour ago, WhiteOwl said:

As present as can be.

Could you elaborate?


Being aware as awareness is being present. 


32 minutes ago, Phil said:
20 hours ago, WhiteOwl said:

where i show up

What does that mean, as specifically as possible?

The feeling that is experienced in situations i guess its about. I guess what is wanted is feeling really great. Sometimes social situations doesn't go well, as a judgement, because unwanted feelings was felt. 

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