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If Thoughts Were Not Private

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I listened to this Joe Scott video recently, and found it really interesting especially the questions he raises about privacy of thoughts with technology like the AI pin. 


Then I came across this Alan Watts video, which even though is not a recent talk fits it with it so neatly and takes it somewhere else. 




What do you think? What if thoughts are already not at all private but that we have our heads in the sand about this? 

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6 minutes ago, Orb said:

If thoughts weren't private I think we'd at first feel fear but then compassion and eventually a collective self acceptance.

Yeah, I think alignment would be crucial. We'd no longer be able to take people seriously. We don't take ourselves seriously because we realize how fickle and all over the place our thoughts are because the thoughts match our vibration/emotion/resistance. Then there wouldn't be need for substances to sort of falsely recreate those conditions when we stop taking others seriously. It would be like everyone was drunk all the time in a way. It would first be a total mess and chaos and then more alignment than ever.


I wonder if that's what we're living right now with tik toc, social media, only fans, and the internet as a whole. oh, it is! 😂

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22 hours ago, Blessed2 said:



"Private thoughts" is a projection of guilt. Ego's "world".

"I'm the only one suffering like this." "I'm the only one who has this problem." "No one can know because their false perception of me is more valuable to me than authenticity and honesty", etc. Or there's examples of not hearing the guidance of guilt that sound like,  "My intelligence is superior to theirs because I got away with it.", etc. 

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