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Do Governments Oppress People Consciously?

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I used to think that the Governments around the globe were all unconscious and not knowing the damage they're doing, but now I'm opening up to the opposite possibility. What if they are aware of the hurt they cause? What if they are willingly deceiving their citizens? America's also included.

"I shall give you what no eye has seen, and what no ear has heard, and what no hand has touched, and what has never entered into the human heart. "-Jesus (Gospel of St. Thomas)

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It's still unconsciousness whether "they" know what they are doing or not. If anyone, (leader or not) knowingly does harm to another thinking gain for themselves will come out of it, that's the most ignorant expectation one could possibly come to. 🤷‍♂️ If a leader thinks he or she will get re-elected by voting for something he/she knows and feels is wrong, and that their staying in power is for the "greater good" because they believe that they are "good", the whole separate self idea of fixed good/wrong thing IS the corruption. "I'm willing to do what's wrong because I know I'm right."  Likewise the entire country can believe that it is good and so if it reactively goes to war that is "good" because the country is good. No. Just no. 😂 The entire structure of leaders and the idea of countries as being more powerful or less powerful is a misunderstanding of what leadership and power truly is. The only real power is in the Vortex, and the only way anyone actually leads in practice is through that connection. 




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