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There is More Beyond "I Am"


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@Loop i call it the Great Rest but that's solidifying it into a concept. Lately it feels like the peace associated with what we call deep sleep is always here and that this manifested form is a dream. But I can feel the manifested form coming from its source and appearing as this. I don't know what the hell to do except let all this crap come out and just chill. I'm so excited, yet confused bc I don't have that many beliefs left to use as a grounding force.

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8 hours ago, Mandy said:

Conciousness is awake/asleep, can be lost or gained. Awareness is (already) beyond both but neither does anyone actually go beyond conciousness to gain or become Awareness. Is the I Am sense consciousness or Awareness? 







Awareness is the remanence of consciousness - they both inherit the sense I am but not only

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