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Period pains + migraine

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It seems that every month when I have my period I get a severe migraine that lasts about 1-2 days, and strong period cramps that last about the same duration.

The only way I’ve found to battle this is by going to the gym and doing an hour of workout, about 5-6 intensity level. I noticed that no matter how much pain I am in, about 30-40 mins into the workout it gets better, sometimes it can even fully go away, other times it comes back a few hours after. Walking sometimes helps too, I think the key is to just move a lot when I am on my period.


The problem is that oftentimes my period starts at night. I can’t go to the gym during that time or for a walk. Often it means that I lose a lot of sleep, or don’t sleep at all, unless I take a painkiller. I also can’t workout or move much during work hours, as I work in front of a computer.

For regular migraines, I find drinking a lot of water and special tea sometimes helps. Also doing cold compresses. It doesn’t seem to help with period migraines though. 

I remember once when I had altitude sickness migraine, the tour guide gave me some strong tincture to put on my hands and smell. It  helped. I have no clue what it was though. Does anyone know? 


Are there any other ways to battle this migraine + cramps issue? 

I really don’t want to be dependent on painkillers and having to take them every month. 

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I found that if I manage stress really well during the entire month, cramps and symptoms are much more mild. Put in an extra short meditation into your day everyday and see what happens. I also found that cutting out meat (except some wild caught fish) and dairy was really helpful, then eating more fruits and veggies. I also sometimes use raspberry leaf tea, start drinking it a week before you expect your period. When you're in the middle of it, anything you can do to relax is going to help, breathing exercises, exercise, bath, sex, etc, but the best plan I've found is to try to make relaxation important to bring in for every day of the month. 

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10 hours ago, Mandy said:


I found that if I manage stress really well during the entire month, cramps and symptoms are much more mild.


This is interesting, I guess then the amount of pain could be a good indication of how well you’re managing stress. 

The other suggestions you’ve given could be tested out to! Thank you very much! It’s amazing to explore your physical  body and see how everything is interconnected. 

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Try Magnesium and Zinc.
Magnesium citrate and Zinc citrate or Zinc Picolinate are easiest for the body to absorb. Just be aware taking high doses constantly long-term can cause mineral imbalance in the body with Magnesium/calcium & zinc/coppar. Nonetheless Magnesium & Zinc are super helpful minerals. Take before going to bed when period is expected.
Eat more food rich in these too.

Also when feeling pain try out a warm bath with Epsom salt.
A microwavable wheat bag is also helpful for relaxing the muscles, supercomfy when going to sleep.


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On 1/29/2023 at 6:29 AM, Phil said:

Have you visited a holistic doctor, reputable energy worker or Reiki teacher?

I would really give that a go. The theme of what works (from what you’ve shared) is the orientation of forwardness / moving forward, which certainly doesn’t have to mean or be ‘physical movement’. Though it helps, it doesn’t dispel. Experiences such as seeing a holistic doctor, energy work & Reiki might not even seem like forward as in expansion or expansive orientation. Might even seem flighty, cryptic, nonsensical or new agey.


Control, the duality of thought, and paradox come to mind as well. 

Like, if you’re in control and you know you are, you actually aren’t. Yet if you’re not in control and you know you aren’t, you actually are. 

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