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I got a bass guitar!

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A few weeks ago I was having a therapy session, where I talked about what I really want to do, what makes me feel on fire. I realized I'd like to create music. I've always wanted to be a creator of music, but I never had the guts to say it aloud or even really bring it up in my mind. I'm afraid that I just can't do it so I've been pushing it away. After the session, I thought to myself "I'd like to try bass guitar. It seems like a cool instrument."

Fast forward a few days. We talked about music at work. I told my coworkers I'd like to learn bass. Welp, my coworker had a bass guitar she didn't have use for. How much, I asked. Thirty bucks she said.

Deal. Synchronicity hit me like a lighting. Didn't even care if the guitar was playable, I just knew this was alignment.

Today I got it right here! It's nothing crazy, just a cheap entry-level instrument. It's playable, nothing is broken, the electrics work. Only problems are that the intonation is all messed up and the frets are ripping my fingers apart, so I gotta do some handy work.

It feels good to play bass. You really feel the vibration in your body. It feels kind of earthy, really straight-forward and crisp.

Thanks coworker and universe. 30 bucks feels too cheap though. I'll offer a bit more.


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There must be an effortless way.

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@Blessed2 My son plays the electric guitar. He hated the in-person lessons and decided to teach himself from online learning. He likes playing old stuff, like Guns n' Rose's, etc. I can't tell you how many times I had to yell down the hallway when he was in high school, "SHUT YOUR DOOR!!!!!" 😅

Good luck with it all.

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As you experiment with it, let us know.  I'm a musician myself (I play trumpet).  There's a whole world to explore in that instrument.  There's something about making music that is incredible.  Make sure you get every string tuned right.  The most important thing in music is proper tuning and then you can go from there.  But when your instrument is out of tune, that's like a garbage in garbage out situation.  The most important aspect of music is sound, a good sound.  And good sound starts/begins with good tuning.  This is so exciting!  I feel good for you.  I remember when I got my first semi-pro trumpet and I could finally play in tune.  With trumpets, the cheaper ones are more out of tune typically, but there are some great sounding student horns; you have to actually play them to find out typically.  One of my favorite horns to play is a student horn that I have.  It just has an amazing sound even though the pitches are not as accurate as my other pro horns.  My main pro trumpet that I play is very accurate in pitch which I like a lot.  The more developed ear you get, the more proper pitch becomes almost a necessity because when you start to work on developing music -- those ideas depend on intervals being right, or it doesn't work the same way with the same impact that you could otherwise have with your musical ideas, whether composed in advance and/or improvised in the moment.

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