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Is this the "secret" to manifestation?

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Continuing shifting to good feeling without care of what I want to manifest?



 i.e. I want a Lamborghini

Thinking about "I wish I had more money", "Why do others get this car", "I must expend more effort, then it will come to me"

-OLD PARADIGM: feels discordant and bad


Wake up and think how grateful I am for my fingers to be able to type. I'm so happy that I have a community here to interact with, who understands and relates to my issues. I have a blanket keeping me warm. I will go take a wonderful shower shortly, because I'm so blessed to have this water. I am entrusted to have all this work and responsibilities to do today, how lucky am I that I am so capable.

-NEW PARADIGM: feels better


the thought "Okay, I've been grateful for 30 seconds already, where is my "pot of gold"... is back to the old paradigm, trying to manipulate or trick reality to get what I want... feels bad again


But I am happy that I am even able to think at all.


Essentially, there is no task, nothing to do? Whatever feeling I focus on will "anchor" or be more of my "normal state"? Life continues to give things that reflect whatever feeling is anchored?


When I chose to anchor into jealousy and anger, I didn't want to interact with friends, I felt they are bad. My reality turned into becoming more isolated because my thoughts were "I don't need anyone" "These people are all assholes and don't care about me" "I don't want to ever be around them".


Even typing the above section out feels bad to me. I feel the momentum of this bad feeling, and look for more bad things to focus on. But now I will stop... I'm happy that I can breathe so clearly right now🙂 it feels good.


Yes, No, Maybe, is this accurate?

And why should I/anyone care what anyone else says if it doesn't feel good? If someone says "NOPE, YOU ARE WRONG! KEEP THINKING BAD SO YOU CAN BE PREPARED TO HANDLE IT" but it feels better to focus on what you like, why listen?


Feeling bad, or maybe continuing to feel bad after a bad feeling is noticed,  is a choice it seems, a very deceptive and tricky choice, but I don't know when I felt bad without choosing to.




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I resonate a lot with the direction your going with this. There is a guy on Instagram who posted something today that I think relates to the part where you talk about not caring what others think. He said in his post that believing someone’s idea of me is the greatest boundary violation. I guess what’s being said is trust yourself. Trust who you are. It seems like a big part of manifestation is trust. 

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