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First DMT Experience


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Hello, wanted to share my first DMT Experience(s) that occurred earlier today.


The setting was my room, I was home alone, I set up a "safe station" for my pipe so that in the event that the effects got too strong, I could lay my pipe on it without fear of starting a fire or something. 


The "safe station" is a small ceramic plate with a folded water soaked paper towel, I would place my pipe on it when the effects got too strong.


So heres the experience, I lit the pipe and took one hit, the smoke was really intense, but due to my experience with inhaling stuff I clenched one of my fists to help hold it in. After the first hit I could begin feeling the bodily effects, I was feeling warm and could feel the sensations in my body more accurately, my body no longer seemed to be one uni-form, but rather a bunch of pieces working together.


After the second hit, I could begin seeing distortions, everything had a 3-D effect, things just popped out more, colors were more intense, and shit started to get weird.


After the third hit the distortions and shapes arising started to get more intense so I laid down for a few mins. 


After like 2-3 mins I said fuck it and took another 2 hits. This was the most intense point of the experience.


Immediately everything was getting wildly distorted, every object in my room looked alive. Kind of like if a bunch of chameleons were disguising themselves as chairs, lamps, etc. 


I laid down and looked at my ceiling fan (I like looking at my ceiling fan during my trips for some reason 🙂) and it looked skinner than normal, kind of looked like a wasp creature that was about to start approaching me. As I closed my eyes I could see the shapes and "the tunnel" and everything just felt intense.


I resisted at first, but remembered to "open the heart" and just let the dmt do whatever it had to. 


Started laughing because after all the videos I watched and all the stuff I read, nothing could prepare me for the direct experience. 


After a few mins it settled down and I could start to move around more, I was still shaken up by the whole experience but it was pleasant overall, in the moment it was like "holy shit, what have I done!? Okay not much else to do but see what you got in store for me!". 


Got a question:


For those experienced, how do you "push through" to the break through?


DMT is so intense that after like 2-3 hits im convinced ive had enough and just start laying down. 


Holding that pipe in my hand and taking another hit feels like im deliberately choosing to kill myself lol. 


But yea overall, good experience, I got a lot of respect for the substance now. 


The effects of DMT at the degree that I felt them were akin to a high dose of shrooms, but it felt more "alien" and otherworldly.


It also has a profound Aztec/Jungle feel to it. 


Im gonna take a break for a bit, maybe try again 2 days from now, or later today if I got time. 

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1 hour ago, Orb said:

For those experienced, how do you "push through" to the break through? 

Realistically its almost impossible to do it solo with a glass pipe, you either need a friend to help you by urging you on and physically holding the pipe for you, or you need a more specialized vaping setup which can vaporize the entire dose  in one hit.


Watch the two videos below for further detailed guides on both approaches.





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One of my arising lessons from the experience is that the thing most important is lifestyle, the daily activities we do that shape our lives. 


Stretching, exercising, meditating, and accomplishing stuff in general are far more worth it to me than taking psychedelics.


Not discrediting psychs at all, I love psychedelics and will continue to do them, but psychedelics from my perspective are to be treated like an insightful vacation more than a "lifestyle" thing, or like doing it super often. 


I can say right now that the reason for this is I was expecting psychedelics to change me, or do "life" for me, that's just not the case. 


It seems far more satisfying to take psychedelics from a place of wellbeing/innocence/curiosity/abundance.


Than to stay in all day and take psychedelics thinking that they will make everything in your life better. 


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1 minute ago, Orb said:

One of my arising lessons from the experience is that the thing most important is lifestyle, the daily activities we do that shape our lives [...]  are far more worth it to me than taking psychedelics.


That's such a good insight. When the medicine reveals itself to you as medicine, not diet, then the medicine is truly medicinal. Great stuff, man.


Kinda reminded me of this meme😂 



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@Indisguise 🤣🤣


One of the last remnants of the Actualized programming was the whole idea of "if your life's in shambles, 5meo dmt will make you happy! But at the same time, I do not encourage the use of psychedelics for people who have problems!" LOL. 


It's a thin line, I do think that a once in a very long while trip for someone who's going through stuff can help massively, but it's a rare case imo. 


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@Indisguise well that was my perspective at least. I always held a belief that psychs could pull me up when im in a pinch. 


I will admit I probably was projecting....okay fine not "probably", I did 😅.


Now i see that psychs kinda reflect what i am, like mirrors. If I'm living well and feeling good, psychs will amplify it and vice versa.


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@fopylo They are fun experiences, but the thought that they will help me in any way feels discordant. 


Paradoxically, the experience helped highlight that I was depending on psychs thinking they would help me, when really its me who helps me. 


I think psychedelics are some of the most profound things in the world, and I will do them many times more, but now I know the real "power" lies within me.


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@fopylo I dont know why, I cant speak for them honestly. 


I mean these substances are very powerful and I dont doubt some of the amazing things they are capable of, but I think its just another fun substance. 


I think we make psychedelics out to be super serious, and this causes a self fulfilling prophecy with people having tough trips. Sure making sure to take some precautions for tripping is great, but the seriousness of it I dont really resonate with. 


Its really all about preference, some people love crazy theme park rides that I wouldnt dare go on myself. Same for psychedelics imo, its like an insane roller coaster ride that while I think is fun, others may not enjoy.


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@Orb nice share, it reminded me of pleasurable memory of 5-MeO pipe vaping some time ago.

How do you push to break through is the same question as how do you jump with a parachute? Just jump, just push to break through, have to have faith in yourself that everything is all right now 🙂

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