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Things are kinda going to hell right now


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Well. Don't t even know what to say, the future looks pretty gloomy. The war in Ukraine, the pandemic, China's current pandemic politics and its influence on the world economy, it all amalgamates into a really ugly and threatening picture.


I live in Germany, we are extremely dependent on Russian gas and oil and since the war, our politicians are playing with the idea of an oil- and gas- embargo, meaning a complete and total import stop of it. Some credible, academic predictions say that this could lead to the worst economic crisis our country has ever experienced since the second world war, an economic recession of up to 8% (worst case scenario I believe, but that would be a catastrophy). 

Energy has become very expensive, the price bas basically doubled within the last 1 or 1,5 years. Not only gasoline and diesel, but gas (which is crucial to our industry, we have a lot of chemical and steel indistry) and oil. Fortunately it's summer right now, but by god, I don't want to know how high the additional payment for our heating bill is going to be at the end of the  year...


Food has become very expensive, both because of the increasing energy prices as well as because of the war in Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine priduce a lot of wheat and sun flower oil, the shelves in the grocery store are mostly empty, and only the expensive sunflower- and olive oil bottles are left which almost nobody can afford (certainly I can't). The price of tomatoes for example has risen by 43%. 1,5 years ago, the cheap cow milk cost 60 ct. or so, today it's 90 ct. now. "Döner" (=Kebab, don't know if Americans know this) cost 3-4 bucks, now it's 6-7€. Etc. etc. etc. As always, it's the poor who suffer most, because rich people go to the store and buy 5 bottles of oil (in German this is called "Hamstern" =hoarding, like a hamster would do) which additionally raises the price, leaving the poor people forced to buy one bottle if they're lucky to find one. 


This whole energy embargo thing doesn't exactly help with our development towards renewable energy sources either, which kinda worsens the whole Paris Clima Agreement plan. Nobody gives a hoot about whether the electricity comes from coal plants or wind energy if it costs a shitload.

It's like trying to go vegan if you're starving, good luck with that, you're going to stuff yourself with whatever you find, even if it's nutritionally speaking just crap. 


I didn't say all of what I wanted to say in terms of what is all going "wrong" at the moment, it would just be a bit too much. Politically speaking our country is also more divided than ever (except on the Ukraine issue), nationalism is on the rise (like pretty much evreywher ein the world). Since 2020, the trajectory is just downwards, in many aspects of life.


And yes, I know. The future is a thought and money isn't real, etc. But the dream is turning into a nasty crisis and I want to know how to deal with it, not escape the dream. 

I grew up sheltered from any crisis, in prosperous times, without war or poverty. Now things are changing, and everything that once went up, must eventually come down. 


What is your advice?


I'd be espccially thankful to advice of those of you who actually went through some major crisis. The "archetype" of the crisis, so to speak, and the archetype of the hero, i.e. the one who goes into the unknown and who successfully staves off chaos and who, as a consequences, raises out of the ashes of the old burnt order, stronger than before, is always the same - so it doesn't really matter what type of crisis.


But I'm thankful for all advice, so...


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A lot of times what people call "good times" are not good times and the judgement that they are good prevents questions from being asked and new ways of doing things from being considered or thought of. Sometimes we need a little shaking up before we wake up. The vast majority of people consider "good times" as times of economic success. However we aren't material beings in a material world, this is a long held misunderstanding. The judgement of what are good times and bad times is based entirely on this misunderstanding. People can look at wealth as a marker and measurement of what is good, forgetting that people in mass may be unfulfilled in their jobs, that people in mass don't have time for their families or their own dreams, that the environment is being destroyed in all this productivity and mindless travel, etc.


A lot of self development/positive thinking people will tell you that the best and most unique opportunities arise out of the worst economic times. While that's true, when they say that they are still only considering one tiny infinitesimal form or possible route of the true wealth that they are. What happens if we stop forgetting our true Source?  Resources are never re-Sources.  Source is for you, right here, right now. The sun shines as vividly as always despite whether or not our eyes are open or closed, or despite whether there are clouds above us. The more you turn to your true root the more you will be inspired to those unique opportunities. The more we focus on lack, the more evidence of lack we see. It's not escaping the dream to see what's right in front of you, which is always presence. Occasionally in the lack of something we thought we needed, what we actually really really wanted all along presents. 



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I lived through the Margaret Thatcher years in the UK. She closed mines, steel works, docks and any industry that had a strong union that did and could have opposed her. Most of these industries were situated in the north of England, Wales and Scotland. I live in the north. The closing of the industries completely destroyed many communities that depended on them. We are still suffering now nearly 40 years on as there is still little investment in the north, it's concentrated in London and the finance sector.


The interest rate at that time got to 20% (it's currently 1% in the UK.) Many people lost their homes and ended up on the streets and/or were starving.


It was a horrendous time, but all I can say is that throughout all of that heartbreak and poverty came something good. People started to rely on each other. Neighbours and communities rallied together and we all got through it by supporting each other. That sense of community and friendliness still exists in the north. It's wonderful and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.


I agree that things seem very dark right now, but things will get better. Even after the war when the UK and Germany were arch enemies, I don't think anyone could have ever imagined that we would now be the closest of friends. 



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More of a personal crisis than a national one comes to mind. Signed on to start my first business, a franchise, 6 months ahead of the opening date. Right at the end of that six months the market crashed and the Great Recession started. I didn’t stick my head in the sand, but I didn’t watch screens, I didn’t skip a morning meditation, and I didn’t worry about what I can control, nor about what I can’t. I didn’t give it mind-space. If you’re at the precipice, my two cents is narrow focus down to your dream. Cut all the noise out. See solutions & opportunities in adversity. Rise, and stay above. BeThe One. Live as if you’re gonna die one day. 🙂 





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@Indisguise 🙂



“If you have fear of some pain or suffering, you should examine wether there is anything you can do about it. If you can, there is no need to worry about it; if you cannot do anything, then there is also no need to worry.”  

- Dalai Lama, from A Policy of Kindness


“Life presents innumerable possibilities for love, friendship, compassion, and self-fulfillment, but we must be willing to give in order to receive. Persistence, sacrifice, a quest for knowledge, along with acquaintance with our true self is essential in order to achieve our dreams. Panic, fear, worry, doubt, anger, and a negative attitude are the biggest impediments to self-realization. The most important battle we undertake in life is not with other people; rather it takes place in the human mind.” 

- Kilroy J. Oldster, from Dead Toad Scrolls


“How could expressing pessimism possibly be advisable? How can this feel good?  Pessimistic thoughts and outlooks are most often the result of emotional avoidance & suppression. As they say, we ‘get out of our own way’ to realize no one is stopping us from creating & living the life in our heart, the life we dream of - the creating we creators came into creation for in the first place. It is why you are here now. It is the how you are here now. The Inner Kriya: Your volition, your willingness to be in accord with your intuition - to inspect, express and understand. Imagine what a world this would be if everyone were as open minded, understanding, brave & willing.”

- Some guy


Boredom is the root of all evil – the despairing refusal to be oneself.” 

- Soren Kierkegaard

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There's a lot here. I'm not sure what to say. I think we live in a toxic culture. But this isn't new. People have thought times were bad always. 


The Buddha left his wife and newborn son because of suffering. Without suffering, there's less of an importance for the spiritual side. What you're feeling is dukkha.  Dissatisfaction. What will you do here? How will you respond? I recommend a walk or reflection to look at this. You might find stoicism useful here.  I like the Stockdale paradox. 


I notice fortunately that there wasn't personal tragedy or sickness in your life. You're not facing sickness, death, bankruptcy, etc. This gives you hopefully space to look at this suffering without it being overwhelming. 


There are no easy answers. 

“If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.” ― The Buddha

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