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Focus on "What" Not "How"

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When one focuses on "How to get (blank)". What manifests is only explanantions/videos/teachers/maps. 


When one focuses on the "what" that is desired, it manifests. 


This is why so many people can get stuck in maps/teachers/gurus, but never see what is wanted, they only see how to get what is wanted 🤣.


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@Orb i agree this is the most important step. However we also need clarity on the steps that need to be taken. The dots that we connect to paint something in a crosswords magazine. I wrote today 50 things that i need to do. The next small or larger steps. This way i'm not confused or overwhelmed. Out of my head written on my phone. Some of this stuff take only one minute to do but i postponed for months. I cross off stuff and as my list becomes smaller the better i feel. I also prioritize them. I use an app called prioritize me! which i highly recommend.

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Sounds great to me, but I wonder if want is more aligned than need… such that the ‘better feeling’ doesn’t go & return.

It might sound critical, overly analytical, or even possibly cynical, or like some kind of neurolinguistic programming perfectionist disorder...  

but that one word, need, could be a subtle belief that these fifty things need to be done - to feel better. 

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@Phil you are right. It can play out like this and it did at first but now i have a choice to freely choose what i want to do from there. I realized that these things don't 'need' to get done. I just like the clarity of getting the things that need to get done out of my head in front of me and then have a choice instead of feeling overwhelmed.

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