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Narcissistic Self Promotion


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There is no such thing as narcissistic self promotion. 


What’s being said deeply resonates, is indicative of the reality of one perspective in which infinite interpretations appear, and in-kind any and all resonating & discordant comments are unconditionally welcomed as well.


Narcissist self-promotion is an apparent concept, pointing “back to” unconditional clarity appearing as thoughts & concepts. 

This is not an apparent concept which defines any thing or any one in any way. 

It is ostensibly “for those with ears”. 

If it resonates, feels liberating or clarifying in any relieving unfettering manor - this wonderfull. 


This apparent concept is not someone’s, and is neither for you nor about you. 

If an interpretation appears that this apparent concept is someone’s, is coming from someone, is about someone, or contains any ulterior motives, intentions or implications - with respect to what’s being said there is absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever at all with that, or any, appearing or apparent interpretation. 

If it resonates, feels liberating or clarifying in any relieving unfettering manor  - marvelous. 


There is no need for nor suggestion of interpreting what’s being said as without ownership or implication. 

There is no need for nor suggestion of interpreting what’s being said as with ownership or implication. 

There is no need for nor suggestion that there is… anything ‘beyond’, ‘outside of’ immediate direct experience, or, one perspective in which interpretations may, and or may not, appear. 


What does the apparent concept ‘narcissistic self-promotion’ possibly point to is a made up, seemingly exploratory question, as is any appearing interpretation which could seem to constitute an answer. 


Excessive promotion of an idea of a finite self driven by a secondary pointing concept - narcissism,  based on an interpretation of ‘not-now’ such as ‘a past’. In other words, apparent thoughts appearing presently potentially mistaken as not-appearing-thoughts, such as ‘memories’, of ‘past experiences’ or ‘past interpretations’ of excess or lack, such as perhaps excessive praise or lack of attention. 


Some examples in the vernacular of there being other-than-this-present-direct-experience, which may seem to arise from an ‘artificial intelligence’ such as ‘GPT’, and be shared by a ‘human being’:


Overly indulgent parenting.

Constant praise without effort.

Neglect or inconsistent attention.

Unrealistic expectations from caregivers.

Childhood trauma or abuse.

Competitive upbringing with siblings.

Early modeling of narcissistic behavior.

Being a victim of excessive criticism.

Overemphasis on external validation.

Lack of healthy boundaries in childhood.


What’s being said here is there is nothing wrong with identifying via any of these appearing words or concepts, nor is there anything wrong whatsoever with any interpretations which are, and are not, in accordance with artificially or seemingly appearing interpretations of a ‘GPT’ and or ‘human’.


What’s also being said here is there is nothing wrong with an apparent interpretation of there being an individual which is believing any of these concepts in spite of any discord felt, and another interpretation appearing about the discord felt as coming from a ‘separate entity’.  


What such right-now emerging concepts seem to imply in addition to there being other than right-now, is an actuality of there being an individual which has or is in a past, which is or was or could someone how have been, be, or could possibly become in a future, guilty or innocent, at fault or not at fault, wrong or right, better than or worse than, or more empathetic or less empathetic. 


What’s being said here in respect to any right-now appearing interpretations, is that any ‘not-now’ aspects of said interpretations are self-evidently nonexistent in accordance with direct experience or what is (actual & non-conceptual), or perhaps more simply put - are simply apparent interpretations which seem to imply other-than the actuality of one presently appearing perspective. 


In summary perhaps, what’s being said is that even if in spite of any interpretations arising such as how I feel about this, what my or your problem is, etc, the whole of this apparent situation & reality of one perspective remains ever so subtly and yet ineffably & inexplicably self-humorous and radiantly joyful. 

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I love your writing.  It's so unique.  I'm consuming this as an artwork.  I'm trying to grok what you're communicating here or what it does for me.  I like how you stretched out here and provided a lot of writing instead of short phrases.

Edited by Joseph Maynor

💬 🗯️🤍

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29 minutes ago, Blessed2 said:

If I was an English teacher and wanted to have really good time, I would put Phil's writing into a reading comprehension - section of an exam and watch the students squirm, sweat and freak out on their seats.


Phil's writing is deep too.  You have to integrate it (or not).  You don't have to do anything too, I acknowledge this obvious fact.  Phil's got some very good insights.  It depends on kind of where you are on the path too, I guess.  Phil has some great insights you have to admit.  I know we're all different, but he's the reason this community even exists.  There's layers of understanding here.  I know that.  I think he respects diversity too, he's very openminded and demonstrates it in practice.  Nobody has ever really criticized me on here or anyone else on some level.  That's noted.  That's someone who really values and is an expert in relationship or relation.  

Edited by Joseph Maynor

💬 🗯️🤍

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