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Hang up the phone.


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I'd like to point out the trap of 'getting the message but not hanging up the phone'.


Meaning, that even after you've had the realizations and recognized your true nature, you keep obsessing over ideas that are only keeping you stuck.


I tricked myself millions of times, thinking that there is something more than Love to this. That there is something other, something even higher or deeper or more profound than Love. 


And that caused me quite some headache.

Fog, confusion, doubt, fear, etc.


I know Love is all there is. I knew that before I even started this journey. I was already living, or at least trying my best to live in alignment and harmony with that knowing.


All the fancy words and ideas I came across along the path, were more often than not just mentally stimulating. Not all that helpful.

I was getting high on the thrill of it all - so to speak. I was trying to understand it, a bit too much, a bit too hard - instead of simply living it. Breathing it. Being it.


So now, as I'm sobering up, I see it all as tons of stuff to let go off. I don't really feel attracted to all those concepts and pointers anymore. I am much more interested in being one with the breath, for example. Knowing how to navigate thoughts and emotions. Knowing how to re-center, find calm and peace within, whenever life 'catches me off guard'.


If you got the message, hang up the phone, indeed.





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Get the message then hang up the phone.


Feel the getting of the message and feel the hanging up of the phone.


Recognize the secret wisdom in the picking up and letting go (expansion and contraction). 


 Witness that both are not separate forces. Like breathing.


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