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What is allergy?

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I've kind of been falling in love with cats and I'd maybe want to have one, but I'm pretty allergic to them.


If we throw away materialistic assumptions... What is allergy about?


Maybe we could consider that allergy can even be removed... How would that be done?



There must be an effortless way.

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Allergy is a boundary. Some people does not like to see a snail, not to speak of touching them. They find them to be yucky. They may not be allergic to the snail. But something about the sliminess about the snail makes them feel yucky and uncomfortable in the body. So they naturally wants to stay away from them. If they override this, by daring themselves consciously to be more exposed to the snail -- the are venturing outside their comfort zone and unknown territory. They know they are crossing a boundary. Sometimes, they have no choice, life crosses their boundaries without them consciously seeking it out -- and this can produce an allergic response. It's a crossing of a boundary line, into the unknown, viscerally.


Of course, when I touch rusty metal, or fungus-infected fruit or something, my skin begins to immediately react, by producing rashes and redness. These kinds of skin allergies are more prone to happen for me, especially when I have significantly compromised my health with too much alcohol or tobacco. I am currently abstaining and has decided to be permanently be sober, and I am hoping that some of these allergic reactions would be lessened. But there are lots of allergies that are truly required for the survival of the body.


In the materialistic paradigm, some of the allergies are categorized as false alarm, given by the body. But, I wonder, if there is anything actually called a false alarm. It probably is not a false alarm. There might not be anything called a false alarm, at a cellular level. Every response and reaction is indicative of something. Like if I smoke too much cigarettes, to the point of not being able to stand another whiff of that smoke -- and then I saw a movie where someone is seen to be smoking, I have this weird response in my body.

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