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Judgement, projection and bullying

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3 hours ago, Blessed2 said:

What's the advantage of projection, judging and bullying others?


I would say it is self-deception, coping with emotional difficulties and feeling a momentary sense of self gratification and power.


But it's all a double edged sword to say the least. If someone would see it's own behavior from an objective stand point and recontextualize it, one would see it wasn't the best way to relate to "oneself and others".

3 hours ago, Blessed2 said:

What's the advantage of not projecting, judging and bullying?

Discernement, kindness and a healthy way to relate and be in the world.


Also, a better view of what is needed for growth and how one can put efforts in an actual helpful way.

3 hours ago, Blessed2 said:

Which "way" is better?


Case 1 leads to suffering


Case 2 speaks for itself 🙂

Edited by Serenity

“Know yourself as nothing; feel yourself as everything.” - Rupert Spira

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In most religions and traditions across the earth there is a specific "advice" which is almost identical in every case.




Is this just ethical advice?


Is this just some moral law to control the masses?


Is this just some kind of ethical ideal or virtue one is supposed to reach in order to be a good enough person?


Or is there something more to it?


What's the point? Why is this important?


What would one gain, what positive results would one see if one followed this advice?


There must be an effortless way.

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On 12/11/2023 at 2:02 AM, Serenity said:

Awareness choosing to forget what it is for a while, creating the idea of a person, who has likes and dislikes.

Awareness is itself, awareness, and awareness is infinite.

Awareness overlooks its own infinitude & unconditionality inherently, absolutely innocently… by being the spheres. 

Being infinite, there isn’t awareness and ‘some thing’, such as time or something awareness could know, such as ‘knowledge’, or understand, or choose. 

(Solipsism, awareness is a tautology, etc) 


That there is a person, which knows or understands anything at all about infinite awareness, is self deception. 

As a “teaching”, the deception is the teaching; ignorance, ‘personal’ beliefs & intense suppression, not actually true of awareness. 

Belief, misidentification & misappropriation wise, its quite opposite to actual infinitude, unconditionality & innocence. 


If there were health issues which seem to persist yet can’t seem to be nailed down and resolved, it might very well be the discord of this most fundamentally ‘off’ belief / deception. 





Definition of self-deception.



Self-deception refers to the act of deceiving oneself or holding false beliefs or attitudes, often to avoid facing uncomfortable truths or to maintain a positive self-image. It involves a person convincing themselves of something that is not objectively true.



Does not sound aligned with well-being.



You're correct; self-deception is typically not aligned with well-being. It can lead to a lack of self-awareness and hinder personal growth. Embracing self-awareness and facing difficult truths is often more beneficial for one's overall well-being and personal development.



Where there is not disgorgement, there is karma and all matters of health, quality of life and well-being. 

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